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The perfume and cosmetics industry in Ile-de-France is dynamic and innovative

the Regional Economic Observatory of the CCI Paris Ile-de-France unveils the latest elements of its publication dedicated to the perfume and cosmetics industry in the Paris region.

France is Europe's leading perfume and cosmetics producer, with sales of almost 25 billion euros in 2015, including 17.5 billion euros for the Ile-de-France region. With a total of 4,500 plants in the perfumery and cosmetics sector, the Ile-de-France region ranks first in France. The majority of French groups in this sector generate a significant proportion of their sales from exports.
Ile-de-France has just over 500 manufacturers and nearly 4,000 distributorsThis represents 29 % of the total number of French manufacturers in 2015 and 34 % of the number of distributors. In terms of evolution, all the departments in the Paris region saw an increase in the number of establishments in the sector between 2011 and 2015.
The region also accounts for almost 36 % of the 1,542 new businesses (manufacturers and distributors) in the perfume and cosmetics sector recorded nationwide in 2015.
All in all, throughout the country, nearly 91,300 salaried jobs were counted in the perfume and cosmetics industry in 2015, including approximately 37,900 salaried jobs in the Paris region, representing 41 % of the total. This makes Paris Region the leading region in France.

Finally, the French perfumes and cosmetics market is showing favorable prospects for 2017, by around +3 % in value (source: Xerfi), at a slightly faster pace than in 2016.

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