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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Texen launches Beautifull Skin, a new skincare routine


After the Range of Beautifull Lips applicators introduced last year, Texen is launching a skincare product called Beautifull Skin; a pot and its Mucell applicator for two-in-one use.
Combined with a standard pot produced by Rose's website, the hood plays double game. In addition to its clogged function, it puts the texture and density of Mucell at the service of a new cosmetic gesture.
Once the formula is deposited on the skin, simply reposition the cap on the pot and grasp the whole to penetrate the active ingredients, gently stimulate the micro-circulation, erase, exfoliate, relax.... For this reason, Beautifull Skin is suitable for rich care.
A little more aesthetic, the Mucell injection can easily follow the décor chosen by the brand.

Mucell, an exclusive technology

The Texen Lab continues to develop applications using Mucell technology, for which the group has cosmetic exclusivity. This material with a modular texture makes it possible to serve the objectives of the brands on targeted application methods.

A responsible applicator

According to an eco-design logic, the applicator part of the cover is detached from its base, facilitating the recycling of the pot and the cover. Then completely repositionable, this applicator is easy to clean from one use to another.

Beautifull Skin will be presented as a prototype at the PCD trade fair, conditioned with Agrimer's vegetable caviar scrub.

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