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Saturday September 30, 2023
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Texen launches Beautifull Skin, a new skin care routine

Following on from the Beautifull Lips range of applicators presented last year, Texen is launching a skincare product called Beautifull Skin; a jar and Mucell applicator for two-in-one use.
Combined with a standard jar produced by the Rose site, the cap plays a double role. In addition to its sealing function, it puts the texture and density of Mucell at the service of a new cosmetic gesture.
Once the formula has been applied to the skin, simply reposition the cap on the jar and grasp the set to penetrate the active ingredients, gently stimulating micro-circulation, exfoliating and relaxing.... That's why Beautifull Skin is ideal for rich skin care.
A small aesthetic plus, Mucell injection can easily follow the decor chosen by the brand.

Mucell, an exclusive technology

The Texen Lab continues to develop applications based on Mucell technology, for which the group has exclusive cosmetic rights. This modulable-textured material can be used to meet brand objectives through targeted application modes.

A responsible applicator

Following an eco-design logic, the applicator part of the lid detaches from its base, facilitating recycling of the jar and cap. The applicator is also completely repositionable, making it easy to clean from one use to the next.

Beautifull Skin will be presented in prototype form at PCD, packaged with Agrimer's Caviar végétal scrub.

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