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The Abbi concept

For Joanna Ifergan, biochemist and co-founder of ABBI, the skin is not just an organ!
In addition to its primary protective function, it is the mirror of every being:
it lives, breathes and evolves over the days, weeks, seasons and years. It is certainly not immutable and even less common.

Faced with this fact, Joanna has given herself the mission of creating the ideal cosmetic, a custom-made care product adapted to the needs and desires of each individual, while being able to evolve with each skin.

For several years, Joanna has been creating personalized cosmetic treatments for herself and her loved ones, long before she came up with the Abbi brand.

Co-founded in 2017 with her husband Frédéric, the start-up Abbi patented its concept to reveal the beauty of each person. From a simple selfie and thanks to artificial intelligence, Abbi offers ultra-personalized care for all.

The skin, this barrier between each being and its ecosystem, is influenced by our lifestyles, our experiences, our hormones, the climate and our environment. Each of its wrinkles, spots or imperfections is a witness to this.
All skins are by essence unique and evolving, which is why the ideal skin care product must be based on the specific needs of each individual while adapting to cellular renewal.
Thus, Abbi offers tailor-made treatments based on the specific needs of the skin and specific to each person.

Thanks to Skan My Skin's unique patented technology, a simple selfie can be taken to obtain a skin diagnosis, to know the skin's needs and to propose a customized treatment.
This artificial intelligence was designed over several years by a team of in-house developers. Accessible via a connected mirror in pharmacies or online at, Skan My Skin analyzes in great detail twenty areas of the face according to eight apparent criteria: radiance, hydration, imperfections, skin texture, shine, wrinkles, sensitivity and spots. One minute is enough to obtain a diagnosis
of skin with a disconcerting precision.
This diagnosis has been the subject of a comparative clinical study1 showing a
reliable at nearly 97% compared to a dermatological test. The Artificial Intelligence has since analyzed over 700,000 skin profiles. Once the selfie was validated, the diagnosis
is launched. The screen then displays the different needs identified as well as the
proposed recommendations.

Artificial Intelligence suggests the two Custom ranges adapted to
needs and desires of each individual:
- InLab Cream is specially made and personalized just for you in the laboratory and received within 72 hours maximum.
- The DIY range offers the possibility of combining an active cream base with different active ingredient concentrates in order to adapt its ritual to the needs of the day and its desires.

Inlab, the customized cream made in the laboratory

Manufactured in the laboratory, this real custom-made InLab treatment combines :
- one cream base among 6 bases with various textures (creamy, light,
melting, melting and matifying) : Caviar and Hyaluronic Acid / Apple Stem Cells / Selenium and Vitamin C / Honey and Shea / Arnica and Niacinamide / Aloe Vera
- 3 active ingredients, from a selection of 26 active ingredients, integrated at the maximum percentage recommended for optimal effectiveness in order to target 3 specific needs of the skin according to the results of the diagnosis.
With an application in the morning and evening, the InLab treatment is designed to last for
28 days, corresponding to cell renewal.
Made one by one, by hand by a preparator, the InLab care is presented in an airless bottle personalized with its first name.
With more than 93,000 possible combinations, InLab cream is designed to adapt to all the specificities and needs of the skin, at every moment of life.

DIY, the custom-made cream to compose yourself

The DIY proposed by Abbi is also to be able to adapt in a precise way its ritual in
according to its daily needs and desires.
Based on the diagnosis, DIY recommends:
- An active cream base among four bases and textures: unctuous, light, melting, matifying;
- As well as three asset concentrates to be prioritized out of ten.
Simply place two drops of cream base in the palm of your hand and combine 3 to 9 drops of pure active ingredients.
Depending on your daily needs and desires, you can adapt your ritual with each application. For those who wish to be accompanied, the Skan My Skin diagnosis is accessible at any time and free of charge.

What's new

Surrounded by a team of experts, Joanna thinks and shapes new products to complement or accompany the two Custom-made ranges.
The latest addition is Concentré d'actifs n°8 "Hâle naturel" (Natural tan), specially developed to help the skin achieve a natural tan all year round, without exposure to sunlight
in the sun. Composed of DHA and Erythrulose, this pair of molecules reacts with the amino acids and peptides of the stratum corneum for a quick, uniform coloring that respects the natural skin tone. It is the guarantee of a healthy glow on a daily basis.

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