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Three packaging players join forces to create a 100 % cosmetic box that can be recycled over and over again

Eviosys, Grown.Bio and Verescence have teamed up to create an eco-friendly gift set that includes 100 % glass bottles that are recyclable and refillable, a 100 % compostable insert made from mushrooms, and a reusable and indefinitely recyclable metal box.

Three leading manufacturers in the world of packaging have come together to create a 100 % recyclable and reusable gift box for the perfumery and cosmetics industry. Eviosys, Grown.Bio and Verescence have pooled their expertise to develop a set of innovative products guaranteeing true sustainability, thus designing the face of tomorrow's cosmetic packaging.

This collaboration responds to an ongoing demand for customization in the marketplace; consumers are looking for customized, unique and eco-friendly products. The limited edition set includes 100 % recyclable and reusable glass bottles, carbon negative packaging inserts made from mushrooms and a fully reusable and infinitely recyclable metal box.

The three partners have committed to five key packaging objectives that are at the heart of this new cosmetic concept: rejecting non-environmentally friendly options, redesigning the cosmetic case, reducing the weight of the packaging, reusing and recycling.

Packaging manufacturer Eviosys, which supplies the metal box, adapted its original product to match Verescence's mushroom-based insert and glass bottles. Boxes made from recycled metal can be stored and reused for decades for other household uses, ensuring the circularity of the process. At the end of the product's life cycle, 100 % of the material used is recycled into new metal with no loss of quality.

Laetitia Durafour, Eviosys marketing director said: "Valuing cosmetic brands with high-end decorated packaging, we are proud to offer ecological and recyclable alternatives to protect the products in our boxes. Verescence and Grown.Bio were obvious partners for this adventure. We are delighted to collaborate with them on this gift box. By combining the expertise of industry leaders and sustainable development pioneers, we offer an environmentally friendly alternative for the cosmetic perfumery industry with this gift set."

Manufacturers of gift boxes for the perfume and cosmetics industry often use plastic or paper inserts that are not sustainable over the long term. Grown.Bio's mushroom packaging, made solely from mycelium - the root structure of mushrooms and agricultural by-product, offers endless possibilities for use. Natural and carbon negative, it can be crumbled and mixed with soil for use as a fertilizer.

Jan Berbee, founder of Grown.Bio commented: "We are committed to producing sustainable protective packaging using natural materials, as well as waste. Our mushroom® packaging has the same performance and longevity as non-regenerative options, but it can be biodegraded on a home compost or flower bed, bringing it into the biological circle. This gift set advocates for product reuse and we are proud to provide the insert."

Pioneering eco-design solutions for luxury glass bottles, Verescence introduces its new Cara high fragrance range, available with a new standard screw neck (GPI 15 400), offering the consumer the possibility to refill the bottle at home or in store. The range also includes mini-format bottles for perfume (spray, roll-on), skincare (oil, setting spray) and premium makeup (complexion corrector, lip gloss, cream eye shadow). Since September 2021, all La Collection Verescence standards are produced with 20 % of PCR, i.e. glass from local household waste collection.

Bérangère Raguenet, Marketing Director of Verescence adds: "As glass is infinitely recyclable, we wanted to create an eco-responsible box to promote our new Cara range of standards, in line with the expectations of luxury brands. This collaboration with Eviosys and GrownBio allowed us to promote the most sustainable packaging options for our customers, as each component of the gift box is either recyclable, reusable or compostable. We also believe it can be a source of inspiration for brands in their quest for sustainability progress."

Eviosys, Verescence and GrownBio have produced a limited edition collection of this innovative cosmetic packaging, a true showcase of their respective know-how in the service of environmental protection.

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