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Industrial processes

TNT Global Manufacturing affirms its support for an enhanced recycling process for zamak

A leader in components for the beauty industry, notably zamak caps and decorative accessories for perfume bottles, TNT Global Manufacturing is committed to a responsible, circular economy, and is actively involved in the creation of a self-financed zamak recycling network. The aim is to federate industrial players, the big names in perfumery and distributors. The specially created logo authenticates this approach, as well as the 100% recyclability of this noble material, prized by the luxury goods industry and sought after by Zamak founders.
Recognizing that some players are already individually committed to selective sorting and recycling, TNT Global Manufacturing is working to unite zamak foundries, sorting operators, colleagues in the beauty industry, as well as manufacturers from other sectors, brands, distributors and, ultimately, consumers, within a self-financed, value-added recycling chain.
In practical terms, consumers return zamak caps to distributors, in return for an educational campaign and an incentive, as is already the case for perfume bottles. Initially collected by selective sorting operators, they are then resold to foundries, which are in great demand. The industry is therefore self-financing. It is all the more virtuous in that recycling requires limited energy resources compared to initial production.

"Zamak PCR is a sought-after and highly valued resource, due to its use in numerous products. Our approach focuses on global performance: quality, operational excellence and profitability. says Thomas Diezinger, who met with various players.

The logo precedes the creation of a quality label, which will guarantee the traceability of recycled and/or new zamak, its quality, industrial processing grade and titration, and its compliance with international standards.
At the same time, TNT Global Manufacturing is adopting an eco-design approach - design and production process - to reduce zamak consumption in the manufacture of parts, without compromising quality. Traceability from upstream to downstream will enable transparent communication on the part of everyone involved.

Zamak is 100% recyclable ad infinitum!

Zinc alloys are reusable at 100%. Unused or end-of-life Zamak parts and feed systems are remelted; slag is recovered. The resulting bath is then filtered, analyzed, retitled and analyzed again to check compliance with the standard, then cast into ingots, ready for reuse.

Advantages :
Zamak is 100% recyclable  ...and ad infinitum!
Suitable for the circular economy A hood becomes a door handle, an accessory or even a car seat structure.
Zamak is ecofriendly : Décathlon now offers zamak versus lead fishing sinkers so as not to pollute the oceans. They call it "lead-free sinkers".

TNT Global Manufacturing finalizes the implementation of a a self-financing, value-added recycling chain :  End-of-life zamak products are sold as a resource to smelters.

This This point is crucial, as it largely finances the cost of sorting zamak versus plastic components..

- Eco design A "one-piece" zamak can be recycled, whereas the recycling of a cover including a ballast is more delicate, since it requires disassembly.
- Production wastage recycling During the injection process: 0 to 30% of zamak directly remelted. Optimization of tooling to reduce the proportion of zamak used in the injection process.
- Our ambition :  accelerate and amplify recycling end-of-life zamak components (PCR) in cooperation with our customer partners, so that our zamak components join the long list of manufactured products already recycled.
- Installation a Quality label for managing commitments to the circular economy and communicating benefits zamak products:

  • Guaranteed traceability of zamak, recycled or new
  • Zamak quality
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Recycling of industrial or post-sorted wastage.
  • Pre-recycling / industrial post-recycling / PCR
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