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TNT creates the new Loubimar miniature for Louboutin

The Spanish Puig Group commissioned TNT Group to create the 9 ml Loubimar miniature, echoing the 90 ml Loubimar light eau de parfum. This is the fourth miniature that TNT Group has designed for Louboutin Beauty's Loubiworld collection, of which there are 11, beautifully presented in a newly unveiled box.

The stylized cap evokes the marine world that inspired this eau de parfum with its citrus and saltwater notes. It features an urchin topped by an anchor and a mooring rope, and has been given a rose gold e-coating finish. A PP (polypropylene) insert holds it in place. This was a real challenge for TNT Group, given its small size.

TNT Group had already produced the three miniatures with orange-orange ecoating zamak covers from the Middle East collection, whose level of precision is just as impressive for such a small format. The beetle, snake and hawk, for example, are all depicted with a high level of detail. This 100 % recyclable creation celebrates the combination of luxury and sustainability, while retaining the essence of the House of Louboutin.

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