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Saturday December 3rd, 2022
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Touch., The new skincare range from Lessonia

By combining texture and sensorial effects, Lessonia has developed a new “TOUCH” skincare range. in response to the “me time” and “well-aging” trend. Between the cloud effect and the velvet touch, the brands will be able to complete their ranges with multisensory products combining pleasure and performance, while guaranteeing a high level of naturalness to consumers.

TOUCH. is a range of products articulated around the active ingredient HealthySkin (developed by Lessonia) allowing to accelerate the process of regeneration of the skin. For each product in the range, Lessonia combines them with a complementary active ingredient in order to give them a real identity, whether through texture or through their functions.

The TOUCH range thus welcomes five new products: a cream gel with a velvety touch, a microbiota whipped cream, an evanescent serum, or even a sensational balm that restores the skin's natural hydration process.

All of these products will be presented by Lessonia during the Luxe Pack in Monaco.

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