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Beauty trends to watch in 2021 by Quadpack

The cosmetics sector will be shaped by new consumer behaviors and expectations, according to beauty packaging manufacturer and distributor Quadpack.
2020 was a challenging year, and companies put their resilience, innovation and agility to the test. The upheaval of everyday life due to the COVID-19 epidemic has left its mark on behaviors and expectations, and 2021 begins on a note of uncertainty for many cosmetics companies, although trends are already emerging. As the New Year approaches, Quadpack offers a small selection:

Virtual experiences : Physical stores have temporarily taken a back seat, but online transactions have exploded. Filters available on social networks for brands, virtual fitting and online shop windows are just a few examples of the digitization of the beauty sector.
Clean, sustainable formulas: Hygiene concerns are easing, but will leave their mark, and people will continue to wash their hands and bodies, without harming the planet. More than ever, consumers are scrutinizing formulas and ingredients.
Personal well-being and comfort : Sales of skin, hair and bath care products performed well in 2020, according to a McKinsey report. Home care" is an important trend, illustrated by the rise in sales of candles, soaps and aromatherapy products.
Do-it-yourself" products: With salons closed, or considered "risky" by some consumers, "do-it-yourself" hair coloring, waxing and manicure products are gaining in popularity.
Family packs : Mintel reports that spending patterns are prompting beauty and personal care brands to adapt their pricing strategies in the regions hardest hit by the crisis, by exploring options such as family packs.
Makeup Renaissance: According to an NPD report, 80 % of women say they will return to their make-up habits after confinement. There's a real desire to return to the beauty practices of yesteryear.

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