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Two new simplified Alfa Laval valves for the market

Alfa Laval has unveiled two new hygienic valves to join its range of double flap hygienic valves: Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof CIP and Unique Mixproof Process.

These two innovative valves offer manufacturers a cost-effective way to improve product integrity while enhancing process efficiency and sustainability.

Proven performance, designed for a specific purpose

These two new products have been designed with a specific purpose in mind, and are based on proven performance. The Unique Mixproof CIP valve is a double poppet valve that safely and efficiently manages the flow of cleaning agents during cleaning-in-place (CIP). The Unique Mixproof Process valve, a compact double flap valve, is configurable and available in different sizes to meet manufacturers' basic hygienic processing requirements. Both models are capable of simultaneously conveying two different fluids without the risk of cross-contamination, contributing to greater availability and lower total cost of ownership.

"These new Unique Mixproof valves guarantee product safety, process flexibility, simple maintenance and opportunities to save water and CIP fluids."says Anders M. Lyhne, Product Portfolio Manager at Alfa Laval.

Reliable, cost-effective product protection

Unique Mixproof CIP and Unique Mixproof Process systems provide manufacturers with cost-effective product safety. Alfa Laval's double-valve technology keeps fluids separate, ensuring efficient cleaning and complete protection against the intrusion of harmful micro-organisms. Thanks to a perfectly balanced design, the valves can easily withstand high pressure without the risk of pressure shock. They are certified to FDA, 3A and other recognized standards.

Greater process flexibility

Improve the reliability and flexibility of manufacturing processes with proven valve technology that meets specific production requirements. Modular in design and available in types and sizes to suit different applications, Unique Mixproof CIP and Unique Mixproof Process valves help manufacturers adapt to changing process requirements. Using these valves in combination with Alfa Laval ThinkTop control units offers greater flexibility and process control.

Simplified maintenance

Built on Alfa Laval's Unique SSV and Mixproof platforms, these hygienic top-loading double flap valves minimize the risk of unplanned downtime, while minimizing the time and resources spent on routine maintenance. Proven sealing technology with defined compression extends service intervals, while a maintenance-free actuator with no adjustable components maximizes uptime and minimizes total cost of ownership.

Enhanced durability

Combined with Alfa Laval's ThinkTop system, these new Unique Mixproof valves eliminate unnecessary product losses while saving up to 90 % on water and CIP fluids. Reduced use of CIP fluids contributes to lower total cost of ownership while minimizing environmental impact in process industries. Good for people, good for business and good for the planet.

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