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U'Cosmetics: 13 courses represented at the student competition in cosmetic innovation and formulation

The 14th edition of U'Cosmetics, organized by Uco Bretagne Nord, will take place on March 16, 2023 on the theme of "Cosmetics & Sport: let's innovate around the beauty of sport!
Our University benefits from a real pole of expertise in cosmetics by proposing a training course turned towards the professional world. With this in mind, Uco Bretagne Nord, a true pioneer, created 14 years ago the first student competition and professional symposium focused on cosmetic innovation.
It brings together major players from industry, academia and the institutional world at the international level to make progress on a theme that changes every year. The objective is to develop a collective innovation dynamic within the cosmetics industry.
To accompany consumers in their quest for good health, well-being and beauty, cosmetic brands must indeed offer products that meet the problems of athletes while adapting to the constraints of use: a real playground for innovation.

Student competitions: a springboard for the future professionals of tomorrow

U'Cosmetics is the first student competition for innovation in cosmetic formulation. It is open to any team of 1 to 5 students enrolled in a course (Bachelor's degree, professional degree, Master's degree, engineering school, business/marketing school, etc.) concerned with formulation, marketing and cosmetology.
The 2023 edition is focused on the theme "cosmetics & sport". Teams from all over France and even Europe are invited to compete in two categories rewarded by 4 prizes:
- 1st Prize Innovation Formulation
- 2nd Prize Innovation Formulation
- Innovative Concept Award
- Philippe Collas special prize (awarded by Internet users)

Registration for the 14th edition of our student competition closed on Monday 12
December 2022 with :

29 teams registered
113 student participants
13 formations represented:

  • Professional Degree in Chemistry and Formulation, Cosmetics and Dermopharmaceutics - University of Montpellier, Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Master's degree in Biotechnology, Cosmetic Product and Process Engineering - Uco Bretagne Nord
  • Master Chemistry Icap Cosmetic Engineering - University of Montpellier
  • Master of Science in Drugs and Health Products, Aging and Anti-Aging Strategies - University of Montpellier, Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Master in Bioactive Chemistry and Cosmetics - University of Orleans
  • Master MAE course Biology Management - University Rennes 1
  • Engineering cycle - Ebi (Cergy)
  • Chemical Engineer Cycle - Escom (Compiègne)
  • Engineering cycle specializing in Formulation Chemistry - Itech de Lyon
  • Engineering cycle, Biological Engineering and Health - Polytech d'Angers
  • Chemical Engineer - ENSCM (Montpellier)
  • Chemical Engineer - ENSCMu (Mulhouse)
  • Engineer in Formulation Chemistry - Itech de Lyon

This year, two new courses have joined the competition, the Master in Chemistry Icap (Cosmetic Engineering) from the University of Montpellier and the Master in Bioactive and Cosmetic Chemistry from the University of Orleans.
Students registered in the competition will be able to attend a workshop on intellectual property
animated by Inpi and an awareness of business creation animated by the Anticipa technopole.

Selection of the 10 finalist teams

In February 2023, a jury composed of 12 industry professionals will select the 10 most relevant and innovative projects during a pre-jury.
The finalists will then meet again during the final, on Thursday March 16th at the Uco Bretagne Nord, where they will have to pitch their project in front of the public in 4 minutes and have it tested during a presentation on a stand.
Following the jury's deliberation, the 4 winning projects will receive from U'Cosmetics and our partners: a financial award, visibility on social networks, access to a network of experts, cosmetic products and subscriptions to specialized professional magazines.

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