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U'Cosmetics: 15th edition focusing on cosmetics and the marine environment

Thursday, March 21, 2024 saw the 15th edition of U'Cosmetics, organized by the Université Catholique de l'Ouest (UCO) Bretagne Nord on the theme "Cosmetics & the marine environment: let's innovate on the surface and in depth!", an event supported by 40 partners - ingredient suppliers, manufacturers of raw materials and cosmetic products, trade press, institutional partners.

The event was organized by two students from the Master 1 "Ingénierie des produits et process - métiers de la cosmétique" ("Product and Process Engineering - Cosmetics Professions") program, supervised by university lecturers, and supported by a scientific and technical committee of five cosmetics professionals. Comprising a symposium and a student competition, the event attracted over 240 participants.

During the symposium, nine professionals contributed their expertise before moving on to the awards ceremony.

Competing students, in teams of one to five, had to imagine and present a cosmetics project in formulation innovation or innovative concept related to the theme. Some 165 students divided into 46 teams took part.

The members of the jury, made up of key players in the cosmetics industry, met to select the three winning projects from the 11 finalists. The winners received their awards on Thursday March 21.

Innovative projects

In the Formulation innovation category, aimed at projects presenting a finished product that complies with European regulations on cosmetic products, candidates had to highlight at least one innovation related to the theme of cosmetics and the marine environment. First prize was awarded to La Perle de Koraÿe, a project by Julie Chahir, Louise Keryquel and Maxime Questel, students at UCO Bretagne Nord and École de Guerre Économique (EGE). The idea: to transform users' beauty routines. This innovative double solid serum in single-dose form has been designed for those exposed to the rigors of the marine climate. Available as a monthly treatment, it combines 16 marine active ingredients to repair and protect the skin. 

A 2nd prize in the same category went to Ocean Pills, a project led by Sandra Ear from Compiègne University of Technology (UTC). "Ocean Pills offers a range of innovative neurocosmetics in the form of single-dose lozenges. In contact with water, they transform into a gel with a fresh, melting texture. Composed of a cleanser and an exfoliating mask, this range creates an anti-pollution routine for moisturized, soothed and regenerated skin, and provides an experience that goes beyond beauty - a real sense of well-being!" according to its designer.

The 1st Innovative Concept prize was awarded to UVérif, a project led by Charlotte Bréart de Boisanger, Margaux Brognier, Julie Boucheron, Camille Boutet and Emilie Bouvet from the École de Biologie Industrielle (EBI). "The UVerif innovation is a two-in-one product that combines a highly effective sunscreen with SPF50+, offering robust UV protection, and a sun overexposure indicator to signal the optimum time to reapply sunscreen. The latter is accompanied by a stencil in the shape of a sea animal for a playful application suitable for children."say the students.

The Innovative Concept category was aimed at projects presenting an innovative concept related to the theme of cosmetics and the marine environment. The jury paid particular attention to the originality of the concept presented, as well as to the marketing approach, the market study, the promotion of the innovative character, the brand universe, and so on. 

The Philippe Collas - Coup de cœur du public prize was awarded to the project chosen by Internet users. The choice was made independently of the category in which the project competed, via an online voting form. Ostreall, a project by Laura Alexandre-Alexis, Laura Castagnetti and Axelle Mercier from the École nationale supérieure d'agronomie et des industries alimentaires (Ensaia), won the prize. With over 98% % of natural origin, Ostreall is an exfoliating face mask based on marine active ingredients. Pearly pearls hide inside the oyster-shaped container. When pressed against the skin, they release the mask, which transforms into an exfoliating milk when rinsed off.

See you in March 2025

The 16th edition of U'Cosmetics will take place on March 13, 2025 and will focus on the following theme: "Man and cosmetics?"

The men's cosmetics industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, underlining the importance of innovation in this sector.

The question mark stems from the trend towards an increasingly inclusive society: what makes a product masculine or feminine for the same promises? What is the place of men in cosmetics, and how do cosmetics address men? Are there any taboos to be lifted?

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