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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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FaiveleyTech's ultra-design cap for Icon, the women's fragrance from Banderas Parfums

When technicality serves design and beauty

Elegant and very design, the last feminine perfume of Banderas perfumes (Puig) is, in the line of the male creation, an object of seduction.

While the men's fragrance is expressed in clean, sober lines and bluish shades of transparency, the women's fragrance is distinguished by its roundness and sensuality, enhanced by the power of a bright, vivid pink. FaiveleyTech, through its Beauty Business Unit and its FaiveleyTech Orgelet site, produced the cap for Icon, the latest women's fragrance signed by Banderas Parfums.

Circularity and perfection of a custom hood

The FaiveleyTech Orgelet site put all its expertise to work to develop the PET cap that dresses the bottle of the women's perfume Icon Banderas parfums.

By combining Pet and recycled material, the hood is part of a concrete eco-design and circularity approach. It integrates a part of recycled material (therefore less virgin Pet and a reduced carbon impact) while being recyclable in existing channels.

The overmolding manufacturing process, with no externally visible injection point, is also a technical feat. The round shape and the solid one-piece nature of the part represented constraints that the experts at FaiveleyTech Orgelet were able to overcome.

The realization of the hood required some additional investments to the existing machinery for an automated production and peripheral elements able to ensure a perfect confection, down to the smallest details.

The last challenge was to perfectly match the bottle and the cap. The cap takes and reproduces the striations of the bottle. It also adopts its color, a matte and luminous pink, which plays with transparency and lightness. The result is a superb coherence between the bottle and the cap.

We have invested heavily in production resources to support the brand's ambitions. The FaiveleyTech Orgelet teams are proud to have produced this elegant cap and to have demonstrated, once again, their ability to innovate in order to meet the most demanding requirements of perfume houses. "Beryl Tomaschett explains, key account managerFaiveleyTech Orgelet.

This cap was made for the 50 and 100 ml sizes of the perfume.

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