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Cosmetotest 2023 opens up to imaging and biometrology and addresses new themes

For its second edition, which will take place from May 24 to 26, 2023, the symposium dedicated to cosmetic testing will include a complementary day on imaging and biometrology in association with SF2iC*. 55 conferences and presentations will address new topics during these 3 days, at SEPR - Lyon 3, France.

Organized by Skinobs and Cosmet'in Lyon in partnership with the SFI2C Société Francophone d'Ingénierie et d'Imagerie Cutanée - and the DIIP, Cosmetotest allows cosmeticians from all over the world to listen to academic and applied conferences and to interact with participants, to meet testing partners, exhibitors, CROs or instrumentation manufacturers and to take part in equipment demonstrations.

250 participants, 46 speakers and 30 exhibitors contributed to the success of the first edition of Cosmetotest, held on May 24 and 25, 2022, which was unanimously recognized by specialists in the profession for its quality and its excellent technological and scientific level.

In 2023, SF2iC will shed a particular light on facial exploration tools, new home routines, whether they be measuring devices or cosmetic care devices.

During these 3 days, 55 conferences and presentations will address new and innovative topics on clinical tests - Well-aging and mature skin, Growth and regeneration of hair and nails, Evaluation of acne-prone skin - and on preclinical tests - Place of organoids, spheroids and organ-on-chip in dermocosmetics, Evaluation of endocrine disruptors, Parallel in-vitro and in-vivo tests. Also to be noted, the intervention of a Social Beauty Therapist on the role of a social beautician in the care and well-being of vulnerable people.

Two convivial highlights are planned for the evening: SF2iC will celebrate its twentieth anniversary at a Gala on Wednesday, May 24, and a cocktail party will bring together the participants on Thursday, May 25.

On the eve of the second edition of Cosmetotest, the international symposium on preclinical and clinical cosmetic testing that will be held in Lyon from May 24 to 26, 2023, SKINOBS, co-organizer of the event, takes stock of the 6 key claims identified in 2022 according to research conducted on its clinical testing platform. Outside of the claims and among the highlights, Skinobs notes the maintenance of skin/vein/nail biometrics tests in first place (>55% in 2022), the increase in tolerance tests (from 15 to 20%) still in second place and a slight increase in consumer tests (15% in 2022). Finally, facial care and hair care account for two-thirds of searches by product category. See the full 2022 statistical report, including data from the preclinical testing platform.

1-" Hydration", the main claim of the clinical tests

Hydration remains the most sought-after claim in the clinical testing category. "Moisture is the fundamental claim of the skincare product, body, face, or even more targeted" explains Anne Charpentier, CEO of Skinobs. " Unhydrated skin does not can derive any additional benefit. In clinical evaluation, hydration qualifies a skin moisturized, healthy and toned, which resists aggression and pollution, and is less inflamed, less subject to the signs of aging. It is both a claim and a condition of the skin which reflects the quality of a cosmetic product. In addition, skin care products represent 228 MUSD and 41% of the global cosmetics market, dominated by L'Oréal (Statista 2023 Report). So it's no wonder that hydration is at the forefront of ".

2- "Anti-aging", an umbrella claim

The anti-aging claim requires technology for its evaluation. It calls for sophisticated biometrology tools, with different options for quantitative and/or visual validation. On the clinical side, " the anti-ageing claim, which has become well-ageing, refers to biomechanical properties of the skin, unlike hydration which is characterized by a physiological level ". Anti-aging is an umbrella claim associated with sub-claims such as: spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, sagging, radiance, surface condition, skin structure etc.

3- "Nourishing", the claim of in-depth care

Nourishing skin care products enrich the skin with lipids and emollients for greater comfort. " This claim, which appears in third place in searches, is often combined with facial or body care products for a more relaxing beauty routine. complete ".

4- "Anti UVB", the essential

Sunscreening has become a major issue. The dangers of UVB have been known for a long time and are now part of the broad topic of the exposome. Suncare was among the first to be regulated in terms of claims. " The toxicological issue of their environmental formulas adds to the complexity of evaluating their performance, measured by a combination of in-silico, in-vitro, in-vivo or hybrid methods. "

5- "Anti-Maskne", a claim that persists

Since 2020, wearing a mask has led to a change in the environment of the facial skin, which is characterized by increased temperature, humidity and repeated rubbing. " These factors are known to promote bacterial proliferation especially related to acne and blemishes. Wearing the brand was and still is a reality in some parts of the world, including Asia in particular, which explains its position among the main claims sought. "

6- "Radiant complexion", the search for perfection

The radiance of the complexion involves the combination of several factors: homogeneity, color, radiance. The evaluation of its effectiveness is particularly technical and relies on the combined use of numerous methods and devices. " We note a referencing of measuring device which has experienced strong growth ".

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