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A Cofrac calibrated flowmeter combining economy and availability


The control of tanks confronts their owners with strong functional, environmental, safety and regulatory constraints. Mettler Toledo's service offering has integrated each of these constraints in order to provide a solution that meets customer needs. The verification of tank weighing systems using a Cofrac calibrated flowmeter provides total transparency with regard to the hygiene and safety standards required in industrial settings. The solution is particularly suited to the pharmaceutical, chemical, agrifood and cosmetic markets. In addition, the sets of fittings and converters ensure a quick and easy connection to all types of tanks depending on the different environments.

The Mettler Toledo service with Cofrac calibrated flowmeter also guarantees substantial water savings thanks to tank-to-tank management combined with a high capacity pump. This working method responds particularly to environmental constraints and policies (absence of discharges). The service is carried out using a buffer tank serving as a reservoir for the first check and allowing “cascade” work.

This service ensures the configuration of multiple data (physical data, measurement uncertainties, operating and functional mode, etc.) using the integrated computer as well as a deviation of less than 0.3% of the maximum capacity thanks to the precision of the flowmeter .

Regardless of the operating mode, it is accompanied by a complete documentary delivery ensuring the traceability of the intervention. At the end of the inspection, the customer receives the intervention sheet, the inspection report including the inspection parameters, the calculation of uncertainties and the measurement results, as well as the cleaning certificate provided on request.

Global manufacturer of measuring and precision instruments, Mettler Toledo intends to provide specific solutions for numerous applications in research and development, quality control, production, logistics and even retail sales.

Listening to its customers, their needs and more particularly in terms of service, the company is committed to supporting them on a daily basis. It is in this dynamic that it offers a complete and customizable range of services. Its technicians assist customers in all their procedures related to the warranty or maintenance of their equipment.

For the sake of global support, training modules that can be personalized between or between companies, on site or in our premises are also offered.

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