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Thursday October 5, 2023
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A "naturally aluminum" decor

Chanel continues its transformation towards eco-responsibility. Its Chance de Chanel eaux de toilette now feature an anodized aluminum band made in France, instead of the lacquered galvanized brass used until now. 

To meet the challenge of this change of material, the luxury brand called on the expertise of g.pivaudran.

The choice of aluminum in a reinforced CSR approach

For all its lines, Chanel has a strong objective: to move towards CSR products. To accessorize its new Chance bottles, Chanel called on the expertise of g.pivaudran. The band around the bottle, originally made from varnished galvanized brass, is now made from anodized aluminum. These bands are made in France, in the Lot region, and assembled by the brand's partner glassmakers in France and Italy. While this change may be invisible to consumers, it is nevertheless a powerful symbolic act by Chanel: an eco-responsible transformation that is unostentatious, effective and concrete.

A major challenge for g.pivaudran

Manufacturing the strips for the Chance bottles was a real challenge for the g.pivaudran teams. They deployed the full extent of their know-how to shape a thin aluminum strip (0.6 mm), very delicately handled, to match the cylindrical curve of the bottle, while preserving the high gloss appearance of the material. A complex range, thanks to the flexibility of the strips, combined with the precision of automated assembly.

The manufacturer g.pivaudran has also positioned itself to produce all fragrance formats: 35 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml and 150 ml.

Chanel is launching these new bottles with the 100 ml version. All anodized aluminum formats will be available by 2024.

One achievement may hide another...

This project for Chanel is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the possibilities offered by g.pivaudran. The company specializes in aluminum, adapting this material to meet the needs of all brands, as well as their eco-responsibility requirements. It offers "all-aluminum" and/or "recycled-aluminum" packaging solutions for premium and luxury products.

"Our expertise enables us to shape aluminum into any shape, to assemble various materials and thus solve our customers' current needs. Eco-responsible by nature, infinitely recyclable, light and versatile, aluminum is our answer to luxury brands' desire for added value".says Marc Pivaudran, President of g.pivaudran.

At the Édition Spéciale By Luxe Pack event, g.pivaudran will be showcasing a wide range of products created with its customers, as well as trials highlighting the value of aluminum, an inherently eco-responsible material. "The company will provide concrete proof that "naturally aluminum" packaging and accessories are also naturally top-of-the-range.the company says.

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