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French software dedicated to small and medium-sized cosmetics and soap manufacturers

You'd think they'd be swallowed up by the cosmetics giants, but the opposite is true: small French soap makers are putting up a strong resistance.

Better still, they are multiplying to defend the values of quality, authenticity and craftsmanship. More efficient, in tune with the need to protect the environment and the zero-waste movement, they have become true experts in a technique requiring a high level of know-how: cold saponification.

But they face a double challenge:

  • Time wasted managing inventories (raw materials, finished products, etc.) and monitoring production;
  • The difficulty of establishing traceability, which is mandatory in the event of a DGCCRF inspection.

Artisan soap-makers are often forced to produce tedious Excel spreadsheets or use English-language software that is difficult to learn and unsuited to European regulations.

In this context, Marie Raoult Bulion, manager of a soap factory, created Logimaker, which publishes Logi.soap, a French inventory management and traceability software package for small and medium-sized businesses in the cosmetics and soap industries.

Software made by and for even the smallest cosmetics companies

Logi.soap business software is designed for small and medium-sized craft businesses, and in particular for soap makers using the "cold saponification" (SAF) method.

In just a few clicks, you can :

  • Inventory management: raw materials, finished products, low level/out-of-stock alerts;
  • Suppliers: list of suppliers, list of raw materials, order information ;
  • The cure: cure time and weight loss during the cure;
  • Costing: products and test formulas ;
  • Traceability: compliance with European standard ISO-22716 ;
  • The specificities of each soap factory: this software can be customized to integrate recipes, lists of fats, dissolving liquids and additives.

A wide range of benefits

According to Marie Raoult Bulion, Logi.soap is the only software in French adapted to the needs of very small businesses, especially in terms of financing. 

The first month is free, then the subscription is priced at €39.90 ex-VAT/month or €399.90 ex-VAT/year (2 months free).

Easy to use and in French, it provides easy access to all useful data.

Compliant with the ISO-22716 standard, Logi-soap provides traceability from raw material to finished product in just a few clicks.

This software integrates notions specific to soap makers, such as curing.

Alerts (low levels, DLUO, cure expiry date) help boost productivity and avoid wasting raw materials.

Marie Raoult Bulion joined the 1Kubator incubator to create Logimaker in September 2022. Its first product, Logi.soap, has been on the market since May 2023.

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