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Coptis Tox: the new toxicological database on substances from Coptis Lab

Coptis Lab, the software specially designed for cosmetic formulation laboratories, enables the industry to efficiently manage formulation, testing and regulatory compliance.
Thanks to the new Coptis Tox database, Coptis Lab users will now have access to toxicological information on more than 2,000 substances and will be able to :

- edit the toxicological profile of each substance using data such as DAP, DAP comments, NOAEL, NOAEL origin, NOAEL comments, etc. ... displayed in the Coptis Lab substance data sheet for each formula,

- Automatically calculate the margin of safety (MoS) for each ingredient in the formula to perform the risk assessment.

For each item of information, the source is specified (Revue des Ingrédients Cosmétiques, Revue Internationale de Toxicologie, Comité Scientifique de Cosmétologie).

Coptis Tox is available by subscription and updated twice a year.

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site-industries-cosmetiques A concentrated individual in a lab coat examining a small jar containing a pink substance, a pioneering cosmetic innovation using natural ingredients in Brittany.

Cosmetics innovation comes naturally in Bretagne

In north-west France, Bretagne has always been a seawardlooking region with its 2,730km coastline - the longest in the country.

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