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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Pioneering 3D printing technology for functional and ultra-realistic models


With the Stratasys J850 Prime 3D printer, Quadpack's rapid prototyping center evolves materials, improves Pantones color reproduction and productivity

International beauty packaging manufacturer and supplier Quadpack has enhanced the 3D printing capabilities of its UK-based rapid prototyping centre. Following an update to Stratasys' J850 Prime 3D printer, the company is currently able to offer new materials and finishes as well as a wide range of Pantone textures and colors. The current configuration makes it possible to produce fully functional models that look more realistic than ever. Used in the early phases of packaging design, 3D models make it possible to better visualize the design of the product and optimize its design while stimulating creativity.

Quadpack was one of the first packaging suppliers to adopt Stratasys' market-leading 3D printing technology, and works and innovates in collaboration with Stratasys' local partner, Tri-Tech 3D. New features include the use of new Vero UltraClear materials, which mimic PET and glass – which are particularly important in the packaging of beauty products – and VeroVivids, which makes it possible to produce pieces in color with Pantone validation. Beta tester of Keyshot, Quadpack has fully integrated the program into the creation process of its design team. The latest improvements have made it possible to consolidate several production steps into one, making it possible to reduce by several hours a manufacturing process that was previously very long and to obtain new decorative effects, including screen printing.

"In the beauty industry, time to market is crucial and the Stratasys J850 allows us to present very realistic-looking prototypes to our customers right from the initial design phase to accelerate proof of concept. This optimization allows us to convert our ideas into marketable projects much faster. This is a real added value and an advantage over our competitors, as we are the only beauty packaging supplier with this service,"says Oliver Drew, 3D printing expert at Quadpack.

According to Quadpack, Stratasys J850 Prime is the world's only 3D printer offering multi-material color printing.

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