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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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Verescence partners with start-up Marcelle Dormoy for a collection of refillable mobile perfumes

Verescence, the world leader in glass bottles for the perfume and cosmetics industry, has partnered with the young niche perfume house Marcelle Dormoy to launch a line of bag sprays. The Nacarat, Heliodor & Gemma Veneris eaux de parfums are now available in a new travel size glass bottle: the 10ml refillable CARA from La Collection Verescence. 

The glass bottle

Elegant and timeless, the CARA bottle is available in mini sizes, for perfume touch-ups or for travel. With a square cross-section, it features a slim silhouette, rounded corners and flat sides that provide an optimal decoration area for screen printing or label gluing. The glass base captures light to better enhance the bottle's sleek design. 


In an environmental approach, Marcelle Dormoy has chosen the model with a screw ring (GPI 15 400) which allows to refill the bottle and to better recycle the different components. 

" For this new line of handbag perfumes, we wanted to create a product that was as beautiful as it was virtuous. The possibility of refilling the bottle is a real plus. It comes with a customizable, vegetable-tanned leather case, which is handmade by theWORKSHOP, a Parisian leather goods and gilding workshop. "Louise du Bessey, Founder of Marcelle Dormoy, explains. 

CARA benefits from the glassmaking expertise of Verescence La Granja's teams. Located in a Unesco biosphere reserve, the site is Verescence's center of excellence for the manufacture of La Collection standard bottles. 

"We were seduced above all by Marcelle Dormoy's project in connection with our eco-design approach, but we also have a heart for supporting a young start-up that wants to make niche perfumery accessible to everyone through an innovative digital shopping experience."comments Bérangère Raguenet, Marketing and Communication Director of Verescence. 

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