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Véronique Coty relaunches the Prix François Coty

Véronique Coty, President of the Association François Coty, is relaunching the Prix François Coty to reward the creativity of a perfumer.
After a 7-year hiatus, a 7-member jury met to choose the twelfth winner. It will be revealed on Monday, December 3, 2018 during an evening event at Château D'Artigny in the former home of François Coty.

The Association François Coty, created in 2000 and chaired by Véronique Coty since January 2017, will once again promote these "artists in the shadows" who are the creators of fragrances. The Prize has kept its original vocation, that of distinguishing a strong olfactory universe endowed with great technical mastery while celebrating the memory and genius of François Coty. The winner will receive a Lalique trophy, La Vitesse. Lalique has been an early partner of François Coty.
Since 2000, the Association has elected great names in perfumery such as Jean Guichard, Sophie Labbé and Maurice Roucel, perfumers whose heritage and character continue to inspire young designers. Between 2007 and 2010, the Prix was renamed the Prix International du Parfum, and the Association François Coty took it over in 2018.

The 7 members of the Prix François Coty 2018:

- Jean Guichard, perfumer and director of the Givaudan perfumery school: creator of Loulou and Eden for Cacharel, L'Air du Temps Colombes Couleurs for Nina Ricci, Obsession for Calvin Klein;
- Caroline Furstoss, Jean-François Piège's head sommelier, her expertise and olfactory sensitivity create a bridge between the world of wine and the world of perfume;
- Laurence Férat, perfume journalist for Le Figaro and Cosmétique Mag, (co-author with Sabine Chabbert, of Parfums Raresaux éditions Terre Bleue 2014);
- Anne Devroye, graduate of the École du Louvre and Doctor of Art History, former curator of the Musée Jakovsky and the Muséed'art naïf de Nice;
- Mathilde Le Chatelier, a descendant of François Coty and General Secretary of the Association;
- Erik Halley, feather worker, embroiderer, creator of unique jewelry, body adornments and head ornaments for the world's fashion and music icons;
- Daniel Molière, perfumer and osmothecary - creator of Eau de Givenchy, Givenchy fragrances, Santos pour homme (Cartier), Jardin clos and Tam Dao for Diptyque.

Presentation of the François Coty Prize : The Prix François Coty evening, reserved for perfume professionals, will be held on Monday December 3 from 5pm at the Château d'Artigny. It will begin with an Exhibition dedicated to the world of François Coty, featuring the finest perfume and bottle creations (300 original bottles, archives and personal objects).
The award ceremony will be preceded by an Olfactive Conference, "La Ligne de Vie Parfumée de François Coty", hosted by Patricia de Nicolaï, President of the Osmothèque de Versailles, and Jean Kerléo, its founder. She will present the perfumes of François Coty, now out of print and carefully preserved at the Osmothèque de Versailles.
The trophy presentation will be followed by a fragrant dinner to close the event.



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