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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Verpack makes the eco-responsible Advent calendars of La Thé Box

The Verpack group continues its collaboration with La Thé Box and produces a collection of three all-cardboard Advent calendars.
Last year, the brand entrusted the Verpack group with extensive eco-design work in line with its ethical positioning. Cardboard wedges, a simplified design for products that were easy to assemble as well as to package, these were the winning options of the project.

What's new in 2021

This year, the brand wanted to renew its calendar in the form of a book as well as the one that illustrates a tea room, and adds to its collection a rectangle box called "Christmas in New York". On each side, an image represents the city in an atmosphere of American films illustrated by the artist Joy Laforme. For this creation, the Verpack group designed an inner wedge and cut-outs to house the 24 surprises on each of the 4 faces. Each box delivers 2 doses of a tea chosen to be enjoyed by two, according to the "Tea for two" concept initiated by the brand. The decorations are worked in offset and protected by a glossy varnish. On top, a double lid with tabs reinforces the structure. Finally, a notch made it possible to pass a ribbon to suspend the calendar.

And in a global logic of reducing the carbon impact, the Verpack group was able to handle all the operations on the same site (French): offset printing, varnish, cutting, pre-cutting and pre-bonding for a delivery of the flat cases.

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