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Monday February 6th, 2023
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Alba Science joins Eurofins Scientific

Eurofins announced the completion of the acquisition of Alba Science as part of its long-term strategy to develop and strengthen its capabilities in the field of cosmetic and personal care testing.

"We are responding to a growing demand for clinical studies by adapting our approach to expansion through acquisitions, strategic partnerships and investments," the company said.

The acquisition of Eurofins fits into its 2021 strategy in multiple ways: by expanding existing capabilities, enabling the company to offer more clinical studies, analyses and sensory assessments, by providing access to a large database of panelists in the UK and a personalised imaging system, and by getting closer to its local and regional customers. The Scottish company is headquartered in Edinburgh and employs 23 people.

This acquisition will allow Eurofins to further assert its position in the global cosmetic testing market.

Judith Russell, Managing Director of Eurofins Consumer Product Testing Limited, said: "We are very pleased to welcome Alba Science to the Eurofins team. This acquisition will allow us to expand our capabilities in the UK and is an excellent complement to the existing clinical network. »

Marie Reynolds, Managing Director of Alba Science, said: "Alba Science Ltd is delighted to be part of the Eurofins family, which will facilitate our ability to grow, providing high-level analytical services to our valuable customer base with increased capacity and geographic expansion."

The company will now be called "Eurofins Alba".

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