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A program accredited by Cosmetic Valley to contribute to the development of Mahoran cosmetopoeia

Accompanied by the Managing Director of Cosmetic Valley, the French Minister for Overseas France, Philippe Vigier, made official on November 29, 2023 the state funding of the Mayotte integrated innovation cluster (Piom - France 2030). This program, accredited by Cosmetic Valley, will contribute, among other things, to the development of cosmetopoeia in Mayotte.

Initiated in 2020 by the Criobe (UAR3278 - EPHE-PSL-CNRS-UPVD) with the support of the Mayotte department, the Mayotte Integrated Innovation Cluster (PI2M) is set to accelerate its development with the announcement of €1.5 million in state funding as part of the France 2030 program, centralized by the Mayotte Development and Innovation Agency (Adim). 

The fruit of a public-private partnership involving the Criobe, via the University of Perpignan (UPVD), companies in the perfume and cosmetics sector, and Cosmetic Valley in mainland France, the PI2M aims to develop knowledge of Mauritian cosmetopoeia and encourage the emergence of sustainable industries. 

Numerous initiatives have already been launched around vanilla and ylang ylang. Other resources of interest for cosmetics are currently being studied through research projects. The funding granted by France 2030 will enable us to reinforce the equipment available at the Pôle d'Excellence Rurale for the extraction and characterization of ingredients of interest. It will also enable the implementation of research and development programs on local terrestrial and marine biodiversity, to support the development of these industries.

Christophe Masson said: "Cosmetopoeia represents a tremendous opportunity for development and outreach in the French overseas territories. I'm delighted by the collective mobilization of the Maoran players in the PI2M project, and the positive energy it has generated. By developing knowledge of local cosmetopoeia and speeding up the establishment of sustainable industries with "made in France" quality and standards, the department will be able to accelerate its growth and strengthen its international appeal."

Philippe Vigier said: "I'm delighted to have been able to discover, alongside Cosmetic Valley Managing Director Christophe Masson, the great potential of medicinal and aromatic plants and the blue economy. Here in Mayotte, the cosmetopoeia represents immense potential for economic development, value creation, job creation, training and innovation. This project is a perfect illustration of the attractiveness of the French overseas territories and France's commitment to sustainable innovation.

Cosmetopoeia is to cosmetics what pharmacopoeia is to pharmacy

Cosmetopoeia is an inventory of natural resources and their traditional uses for the care and well-being of skin and hair. A shared history that unites people and their environment.

Cosmetic Valley is convinced that cosmetopoeia represents a natural and cultural heritage for the men and women of every region of the world, which needs to be identified, studied and preserved as a lever for safeguarding biodiversity, raising public awareness and promoting sustainable economic development.

"Our mission is to make every country and every region aware of the need to set up collective dynamics around the Cosmetopoeia. With the support of the French cosmetics industry, we are combating the erosion of oral traditions, supporting research and education programs, and backing local initiatives. In this way, we contribute to the preservation of biodiversity linked to traditional cosmetic uses".says Cosmetic Valley.

From left to right: Thierry Suquet, Prefect of Mayotte; Christophe Masson, CEO of Cosmetic Valley; Rosette Vitta, President of Adim, Ben Issa Ousseni, President of the Mayotte Departmental Council; Philippe Vigier, Minister for Overseas France; Oumaynou Daroueche, doctoral student on Moroccan cosmetopoeia; Fahoullia Mohamadi, delegate for research and innovation at the Mayotte education authority.

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