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EA Pharma continues its international expansion with the acquisition of Groupe W and announces the creation of Olyos Group

Expert in nutrition & natural health, EA Pharma announces the acquisition of W Group, a specialist in dietary supplements in the United States, creating the global Olyos Group structure. This marks the start of a new phase in the Group's international development, as it enters the world's #1 market for dietary supplements.

Since 1948, when the group's main brand Laboratoire des Granions was created, EA Pharma has been offering natural health solutions for the well-being of all, including medicines, food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics. According to the company, with the strongest growth (+ 32%) of the top 10 food supplement laboratories in France in pharmacies and parapharmacies over 20232 EA Pharma is a market leader in oligotherapy, collagen, sports nutrition and dietary supplements for muscle and joint comfort.

As of 2020, the French laboratory is initiating an in-depth transformation, focusing on three strategic axes: strengthening partnerships with pharmacists, based on the training of pharmacy teams and the visibility of its brands in pharmacies; an ambitious innovation policy aimed at strengthening its existing ranges and penetrating new market segments (nutricosmetics, children, vitality & immunity); and the development of e-commerce in Europe and China. In addition, three business acquisitions have strengthened these two verticals (pharmacies and e-commerce): Labcatal (France) in 2020, Drasanvi (Spain) in 2021 and Stardea (Italy) in 2022.

Today, EA Pharma is announcing the acquisition of W Group, a specialist in dietary supplements founded in the United States in 2020, and the creation of a global structure, called Olyos, bringing together the four international companies (EA Pharma, Drasanvi, Stardea and W Group).

"We are delighted with this acquisition, which opens up new prospects for us in the US market by continuing to develop the W Group brands but also by launching some of our historic brands in this market."says CEO Thierry Verne.

After an initial phase of consolidation at European level in three of the four largest markets for dietary supplements in the European Union (Italy, France, Spain), and a second phase of international expansion characterized by strong growth in South America and China, the Olyos Group naturally turned its attention to the United States, the world's leading market for dietary supplements, "with an estimated size of 50 billion $, a significant proportion of which is via e-commerce, facilitating an accelerated time-to-market".says assistant general manager Jonathan Bienfait.

More than ten Granions references have already been made available to consumers in the United States, thanks in particular to the expertise of the W teams in e-commerce. This agility is in line with the Olyos Group's credo: We are committed to "pooling and synergies upstream, for purchasing and production (where economies of scale are achieved), and agility downstream, to meet the expectations of our customers, pharmacists&". "explains Thierry Verne. "The Olyos Group develops innovative products based on high-quality active ingredients, plants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, then markets them worldwide under brands that make sense and resonate with consumers in every country. "adds the CEO.

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