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Thursday October 5, 2023
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Albéa underlines its commitment to circularity

At the PCD trade show, Albéa is reiterating its "reduce.reuse.recycle" program. On the stand, the team will be presenting eco-responsible solutions combining aesthetics and functionality.

Albéa Tubes: reducing plastic use by cutting weight

Albéa is showcasing EcoFusion Top, the two-in-one solution specially designed to visualize material savings. Fusion of the tube head reduces the weight of the tube by 55 % compared with a standard tube - with an equivalent benefit in terms of the packaging's carbon impact. The system is manufactured in HDPE to guarantee mono-materiality and recyclability. EcoFusion Top is available with a wide range of skirts for laminated and extruded tubes.

Albéa Tubes will also be presenting an extensive range of recyclable PE caps, taking another step towards its goal of achieving 100 % of recycled tubes by 2025. Albéa's PCR platform offering tubes with different PCR percentages - from 30 % to 100 % - and the new generation of Creenleaf laminated tubes ready for recycling will also be among the solutions highlighted this year.

Albéa Cosmetics & Fragrance: Desirable and responsible packaging

Albéa is accelerating the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials in its rigid cosmetics packaging to reduce the environmental impact of using virgin raw materials.

One of the latest examples is Breizhstick, a four-piece stick made of single-material polypropylene (PP), ready to be recycled and meeting several beauty pack criteria such as lightness, shape differentiation and mechanical resistance. The name Breizhstick is a nod to the Breton identity, as it is manufactured in Plouhinec, Albéa's European center of excellence for lipsticks. The first all-PP guided stick, its components perfectly match the creamy formulas of lip balms and lipsticks.

The team will also be presenting a wide range of PCR single-material jars for skincare creams, made from full PP and therefore ready for recycling. Another PCD novelty: a unique collection of flexible mascara brushes made in Albéa Bottanuco, for extra-gentle application while adding volume and definition.

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