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Anjac Group announces the acquisition of Aircos

The Health & Beauty division of the Anjac industrial group (formulation, manufacturing, packaging of cosmetics, medical devices and drugs) has just completed the acquisition of Aircos, the leading subcontractor in the high-end make-up powder market in France. A fast-growing French family-owned SME, Aircos posted a turnover of €17.5M in 2017. It joins today the 6 other companies already acquired by Anjac to constitute its Health-Hygiene-Beauty division (turnover of €190 million in 2017). This operation strengthens the group's expertise in premium cosmetics and allows it to propose an enriched, ever more innovative industrial offer.

A development strategy based on innovation and industrial expertise

The acquisition of Aircos is part of Anjac's ambition to build a group composed of high value-added companies. The knowledge of the SME in the field of make-up enables it to reinforce its field of expertise and thus to diversify its offer. The integration of Aircos also meets the will of the Health & Beauty division of the group to promote French industrial excellence, an asset already recognized for the 6 other companies of the group.

"Our ambition is to create a coherent and enterprising group, composed of innovative companies, in order to develop synergies between their different skills. Our strategy is to become the reference for our customers in terms of innovation. The acquisition of Aircos is therefore a new step in this industrial logic. It confirms our position as a major industrial player in the Health-Hygiene-Beauty sectors", underlines Aurélien Chaufour, Anjac's Managing Director.

Aircos consolidates the know-how of the Health & Beauty division of the Anjac group in the field of make-up and plastic injection

The family-owned SME masters a dual activity that is unique in Europe: the production of powder cosmetic formulas and plastic injection. It is thus able to provide a complete product, from the development of formulas to packaging, including the manufacture of plastic components for the packaging of cosmetic products. The production of formulas combined with the "back injection" system is another added value of Aircos. This process enables it to obtain unique textures with exceptional luminosity. These valuable assets demonstrate the strong capacity for innovation that Aircos has demonstrated since its creation.

In addition, Aircos produces products made in France on its three sites. Its two factories are located in the Centre-Val de Loire region, one specialized in powder, the other in packaging. Its R&D laboratory is located in the Paris region. This territorial presence is fully in line with the strategy of the Health & Beauty division of the Anjac group to rely on French industrial quality.

"The integration of Aircos into the Health & Beauty division of the Anjac industrial group is part of a common objective to increase growth opportunities. Our two entities are driven by the same values: innovation and quality, at the service of our customers," says Frédéric Lancesseur, president of Aircos. In this perspective, Anjac intends to support Aircos in accelerating its international development, in particular towards the United States. To achieve this, the group wishes to rely on the management and teams in place. The company's managers' perfect knowledge of the company and the market, as well as their strategic and managerial skills, will be crucial. The 145 employees remain fully involved in the development of the company.

"Aircos' expertise is an undeniable asset for our group. We will support the company in its development and encourage its capacity to innovate. We are convinced that its integration into our Health & Beauty division will be a vector of acceleration for the SME," explains Aurélien Chaufour, "more broadly, our desire is to make the link between each company. By capitalizing on their own assets, we aim to pool their know-how to promote global growth.

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