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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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Anjac Health & Beauty publishes its first CSR report

With the launch of its first CSR Report 2021, the Anjac Group marks its positioning as a reference player in the creation and manufacture of innovative, efficient and responsible Health and Beauty solutions.

An ambitious and pragmatic CSR strategy, at the service of a more sustainable cosmetics and health industry In 2021, the Group co-constructed, with its teams, an ambitious and pragmatic CSR strategy for the next five years, which materializes with the publication of its first CSR report. This important step allows Anjac to formalize its commitments to all its stakeholders, with actions focused on Innovation, People, Environment and Health as a whole.

"CSR provokes, challenges but above all it pushes our industry to be more virtuous!" says Aurélien Chaufour, President of the Anjac Group 4 great ambitions for a 2021-2026 roadmap. The Anjac Group's CSR approach is organized around 4 major ambitions, with a dual environmental and societal perspective, which benefits people but
Also to the planet:

  1. Innovate to transform and improve the sustainability of its offer. For several years now, the Anjac Group has placed innovation at the1st level as a lever for transforming the offer of products and services, towards more sustainability.
    With the "Anjac Green Attack" innovation program, deployed in 2021, the Group formalizes and structures its approach to offer more sustainable solutions for its customers' developments. Today, 90% of Anjac innovations have a measured or characterized lasting impact.

By 2026, the Croupe's commitment is to aim for 100% innovations with at least one sustainable objective characteristic. All supported by the ongoing work of the Anjac Innovation & Development (l&D) Committee on an eco-responsible evaluation grid, which will guide the Group's L&D teams and will be a key indicator of transparency for its customers. Anjac's Responsible Purchasing policy frames relations with its suppliers, which are useful to all of our 4 pillars, and particularly supports the Group's innovation ambition.

2. Save resources and reduce your environmental footprint. The Anjac Group is building a roadmap on water and energy reduction, waste treatment and reduction, as well as a responsible purchasing policy designed to reduce its environmental footprint year after year. To respond to this, Anjac is committed by 2026 to:

Reduce water consumption : -20% in m3/tonne of bulk* equivalent to 13 million bottles of 1.5L

Reduce energy consumption : -15% in KwH/KU *; equivalent to the average annual consumption of 4.5 thousand French households.

Optimize its carbon footprint : the approach is currently being defined and will be shared in the 2022 CSR report.

(*Total 2021-2026)

3. Ensure the safety and development of its employees. The Anjac Group makes the development of its teams a priority and is committed to:

• Prioritize safety at work;

• Improve the quality of life at work and support the development of its employees.

4. Promote a societal commitment to global health, through relationships and donations to associations supported by the Group on 3 priority areas:

• The fight against cancer in children and adults;

• Access to the first hygiene gestures;

• The status of women.

A continuous improvement approach and results evaluated each year

The Group's commitment is continuously evaluated by the Ecovadis CSR and responsible purchasing performance assessment platform.

By 2026, Anjac and all its companies aim to be gold medalists
Ecovadis, to promote the Group's commitments and progress internationally
and with its customers and partners.

This 1st Anjac CSR report affirms the Group's desire to go further to
bring more environmental sustainability, create more value for its customers, for the
consumer health, for the well-being of its employees and the good of its
Territories. The CSR objectives and commitments of the Croup are clear and supported by
innovation to contribute to the transformation of the Beauty and Health industry.

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