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Baralan expands its own standard collection with a new series of glass bottles.

Baralan, a consolidated player in primary packaging for the cosmetics and beauty industries, has introduced its Claudette large series, a new line of thin, cylindrical glass bottles. The third new glass line launched by the company this year - following the Penelope and Marina series - these new offerings illustrate Baralan's commitment to responding and adapting to industry trends and market changes with an expanding collection of standard packaging available worldwide.

Available in three sizes - Claudette large 10 Super-Weight (SW), Claudette large 12 SW and Claudette large 15 - the series is ideal for make-up and skincare products. Following the success of Baralan's Claudette line, the Claudette large series is an entirely new design that reinvents a classic cylindrical silhouette with reimagined proportions. Two of the sizes feature distinct super-light styling, with a heavier glass base for a luxurious look and feel.

With glass packaging increasingly in demand, the launch of Baralan's new Claudette large series has been designed to offer new glass bottle styles with distinctive silhouettes that are ideal alternatives to the plastic sets currently available on the market. In fact, all three bottles in the series feature the same neck finish, allowing numerous combinations with a wide range of accessories and closures already available in Baralan's standard collection.

We're delighted to have reinvented the original, ornate design of our Claudette bottle, while extending it to larger sizes." said Maurizio Ficcadenti, Global Head of R&D. " The classic silhouette offers both elegant appeal, great flexibility and ultimate versatility, thanks to its ease of association with numerous accessories such as droppers, pumps or applicators. Our customers need refreshed styles and glass innovations to differentiate their brands, so we continue to invest in new designs and molds - to help identify new shapes that match their needs.. "

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