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Industrial processes

Cosmogen wins the grand prize of the jury of the hackathon organized by Relocalisation.fr and integrates a 6th R in its CSR approach

Priscille Allais-Caucé and Christophe Benigni, respectively CEO and Director of Innovation and Development at Cosmogen, took part in the hackathon organized by Relocalisation.fr in Rouen on June 16 and 17, on the theme 24 heures pour relocaliser (24 hours to relocate).

Around 80 people, including manufacturers, consultancies, coaches and the plastics industry federation, came together as a group to build an actionable relocation proposal. Supported by an industry specialist, a doctoral student in eco-design, a plastic injector and a zamac injector, Cosmogen presented the relocation project for one of its flagship products and won the Jury's Grand Prize. The project is supported in 3 ways:

  • BPI France for purchasing
  • Socaps for industrial relocation and supply chain implementation
  • EY to draw up a business plan and analyze financial viability

This is another step forward for Cosmogen as it pursues its mission to innovate for sustainable beauty. Having embarked on a relocation project 6 years ago, the company analyzed a portfolio of over 80 manufacturers. " It's a challenge, because little know-how is available in Europe, and it means that we have to rethink our particularly complex products so that they can be industrialized on European soil. We're delighted to have the support of experts. Their interest in our project reinforces the choices we've made and attests to the relevance of our rational relocation approach. At Cosmogen, we're now embracing the 6R*! "underlines Priscille Caucé (*).Reduce, Recycle, Renew, Recharge, Reuse, Relocate)

Main innovation: Maxi Squeeze'n Detox: (Evolution of Detox'n ReUse launched in 2021: tube plus screw-on applicator).

Patented ON/OFF rotary closure system for extracting the formula (ON), applying it and rinsing the nozzle (OFF). Pre-industrialization: different orifice sizes possible in the removable tip to adapt to formula viscosity. Filling in a single operation - tube assembled, ready to fill, then welded. Textured Silicone tip with soft pimples: efficiency and well-being without. Action principle: stimulate the scalp, in line with the hair care / air detox trend

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site-industries-cosmetiques A concentrated individual in a lab coat examining a small jar containing a pink substance, a pioneering cosmetic innovation using natural ingredients in Brittany.

Cosmetics innovation comes naturally in Bretagne

In north-west France, Bretagne has always been a seawardlooking region with its 2,730km coastline - the longest in the country.

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