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BASF announces innovation partnership with RiKarbon on emollients derived from biowaste

■ The partnership builds on RiKarbon Inc.'s successful R&D activities for new green emollients from biowaste for personal care formulations.

■ BASF will leverage its customer access and manufacturing capabilities to advance RiKarbon's technology and drive innovation in the personal care market.

■ Another example of Care 360° - Solutions for Sustainable Life from BASF's Care Chemicals division.

BASF and RiKarbon Inc, a US technology start-up, announce the signing of a partnership agreement for the exclusive licensing and commercialization of RiKarbon's proprietary technology.

RiKarbon's patented technology recycles biowaste into biosourced, biodegradable emollients for the global personal care market, supporting the industry's drive for innovative sustainable solutions.

RiKarbon's successful R&D work has demonstrated the conversion of biowaste into unique new emollient chemical structures, while rapidly scaling up the technology from laboratory to pilot scale. This innovative technology produces a clear, odorless emollient that imparts excellent silky-smooth sensory properties to personal care formulations. BASF intends to bring RiKarbon technology in-house, and expects the first solutions to be launched on the market in 2024.

Founded in 2018, RiKarbon's innovative technologies facilitate the commercial production of high-performance renewable chemicals and ingredients, such as base oils and emollients for renewable plastics, healthcare and specialty applications. These base oils and emollients contain up to 100 % of biobased sustainable carbon. They can be used to make cosmetics that meet growing market demand and help manufacturers meet regulatory requirements.

 " It's been an exciting journey to bring our technology to the point where we can partner with BASF,  " said Professor Basudeb Saha, President, and CEO of RiKarbon Inc. " We look forward to working closely with you in the months and years ahead.

With this partnership, BASF continues to demonstrate its investment in open innovation and to extend its innovative offers to its customers." said Dr Robert Parker, Director of New Business Development and Head of Digital, Care Chemicals at BASF. " The results of RiKarbon's laboratory tests are very encouraging, showing the innovation's potential for the personal care market.

The partnership between BASF and RiKarbon is yet another example of how BASF's Care Chemicals division is meeting the challenges of the future. Sustainability, digitization, innovation and new approaches to working together are the key cornerstones of Care 360° - Solutions for sustainable living.

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