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Monday, November 28, 2022
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BASF launches Verdessence RiceTouch, a new biopolymer for a light, smooth and powdery skin feel, suitable for a wide range of personal care products

A new line is added to the Verdessence product range! BASFs Care Creations launches the new Verdessence RiceTouch biopolymer on the global market. This sensory powder of plant origin, with small particles, provides a feeling of lightness and softness to the skin and is ideal for matte type cosmetics. It is ideal for various areas of natural and organic cosmetics, including facial and body care, hair care and body cleansing, cotton cosmetics and sun care, while reducing the fat content of formulas.

Produced from non-GMO rice, Verdessence RiceTouch offers high quality and excellent oil absorption. The compatibility of the biopolymer in different formulations makes it possible to control the shine and obtain a mattifying effect. Reduced stickiness and improved spreading are additional benefits. This fluid and low dusty powder has a low microbial load. A natural and biodegradable alternative to synthetic sensory modifiers. Like the other members of the Verdessence RiceTouch family of products, seduces with its long-lasting benefits. Made from 100% renewable natural raw materials, this biopolymer is not only easily biodegradable but also does not contain preservatives. No chemical changes are required during the production process.

"Meaning is an important attribute for consumers when it comes to choosing cosmetic products. With Verdessence RiceTouch. we use one of the natural offerings of bio-sourced alternatives to synthetic sensory modifiers. We are delighted to discover an ingredient with high performance and excellent sensory properties, while meeting the demand for sustainable cosmetics," says Dr. Natafia Chudinova. marketing manager for Market Development Face/SkinCare.

Verdessence RiceTouch can be used alone or in combination with other biopolymers such as Verdessence Tara, Verdessence Alginate and Verdessence Xanthan to formulate a wide range of leave-in applications, e.g. creams and lotions, AP Deos, foundations, eye shadows, dry shampoos, and anhydrous products among others.

Verdessence brings together the company's holistic range of biopolymers for personal care applications made from sustainable raw materials. With this recently introduced brand, BASF is further expanding its portfolio of biopolymers for applyable and leave-free products and is setting a milestone in its commitment to innovate in this area. All ingredients in this portfolio are made from natural, renewable and biodegradable raw materials.

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