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Schwan Cosmetics expands its product range

Schwan Cosmetics expands its product range with "bullet" lipsticks, whose four powerful formulas and unique packaging options will be unveiled at MakeUp in NewYork.

The color cosmetics manufacturer pursues a one-stop-shop approach to the lip segment, using its global network of partners.

Designed to meet every situation and with high quality at the heart of its concerns, Schwan Cosmetics launches its brand new bullet lipsticks with a Lip Serum Stick, a 2in1 Lip Butter, a Cream Matte Lipstick, and a Soft Powder Lipstick, representing a wide variety of customization possibilities.

Regarding the expansion of their product offering, Thomas Krasser, Senior Vice President Business Development at Schwan Cosmetics, said: " Extending our range to include lipsticks is a natural step for us, and fits perfectly with our customers' need for high-quality local products in such a key make-up category. We have been at the forefront of innovation in lipsticks for many years, and this extension enables us to extend our expertise in formulas and processes to offer products and services that go beyond market standards. Thanks to our global presence and a strong network of highly innovative packaging partners, we are convinced that we can bring added value to our customers through agile and scalable local sourcing of lipsticks. ".

Each lipstick meets different customer needs in terms of formula and packaging. Finishes range from soft and glossy to suede, silky matte and luminous. They are enriched with skincare ingredients and fragrances to offer even more customization possibilities. To represent different needs, from entry-level products to high-end and luxury solutions, five different cases have been selected and embellished with individual decorations.
From screen printing and hot foil stamping to 4C printing on paper, gradient metallization and digital printing, Schwan Cosmetics demonstrates the diversity of possibilities for personalizing lipsticks according to brand identity.

Portfolio expansion launched with the " This is me! This is who I want to be "and is based on the belief that while lipsticks alone can't change the world, the people who wear them can.

To get closer to this state of mind, the development of the collection was inspired by the feeling evoked by the application of lipstick and the fact that it is more than just a beauty routine. More than that, it can boost self-confidence and, especially in the wake of the pandemic, it's a tool for expressing one's uniqueness.

The samples will be available in three to six different shades per formula, and will be presented for the first time at MakeUp in NewYork on September 14 and 15. River Pavillion - Stand A19.

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