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Carestia Arcade Beauty equips itself with a Speedmaster CX 104 from Heidelberg 

Operational from the 4th quarter of 2022, this intelligent machine will allow Carestia Arcade Beauty to gain in creativity, reactivity and quality. It will also allow the company to position itself on new product typologies. The latest technological innovations applied to this new generation of machines are perfectly in line with the group's CSR approach.
Within the framework of the responsible optimization of its know-how, Carestia Arcade Beauty has just invested in a Heidelberg CX 104 offset printing machine. Until now equipped in large format on all the stations (cutting, gilding, embossing...), Carestia Arcade Beauty takes the turn of the large format offset and harmonizes its machines. This last generation equipment is mixed, allowing UV printing and conventional offset printing. This machine offers a linear quality, whatever the support, from the extra thin sheet to the rigid cardboard. 

Gaining agility

With this acquisition, the Mouans-Sartoux site is pursuing its intelligent automation process... It is part of the company's project for the PSO color management standard as part of the ISO 12647-2 certification. Remarkable for its printing speed, its flexibility of execution, this machine allows shorter "good to print", optimized schedules, secured productions, the repeatability of colors and the stability of inking throughout the production.

A good point for CSR 

This new equipment will optimize impositions and increase production capacity. The precision and speed of coloring at the start of production and the stability of inking throughout the print run help to reduce paper-cardboard waste. In addition, the press is more energy-efficient. Heidelberg is committed to its customers through CO2-neutral certification by offsetting 100 % of the carbon emissions generated by the manufacture and transport of the press.
Finally, the ergonomic design of the tool provides operators with an optimized and safe working environment.

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