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Cfic Awards, innovation revealed

The Cfic (Carrefour des fournisseurs de l'industrie cosmétique) is a meeting place for industrial solutions in the cosmetics industry, focusing on the sector's major transitions (energy, environmental, digital, technological, societal). It will be held on November 21 and 22, 2023 at Eurexpo Lyon.

The Cfic Awards competition, organized to coincide with the show, invites us to discover the innovations, trends and strategic know-how needed to develop our business and transform it over the long term.

A veritable revealer of concrete solutions, the competition highlights both innovations already on the market and prototypes. Divided into four categories (environmental transition; energy transition; digital & digital transition; societal transition), 26 services and products (from 22 companies) were in the running for this first edition of the competition.

The awards ceremony will take place at the show, on Tuesday November 21, 2023, at 5pm (conference room).

The "Energy Transition" category rewards innovations that contribute to improving a company's energy balance: energy efficiency, energy sobriety, green energy, carbon neutrality, etc. The winner in this category is Bachiller B S.A. for its HRB external/internal recirculation homogenizer with adjustable air gap. The HRB homogenizer delivers optimum dispersion quality over a wide viscosity range, reducing production times and saving energy for the cosmetics company.

The "Digital Transition" category encompasses solutions that support companies in their digital transformation, but also successful digital transition initiatives in terms of cybersecurity, robotization, AI, cobotics or skills evolution... The Good Face project won the prize in this category. The idea: to revolutionize the beauty industry with Cara, an AI. which, thanks to its database, can answer precise technical questions in the face of a ChatGPT that lacks precision, particularly with regard to efficacy, verification of regulatory compliance, optimization and safety of formulas or preservation of the environment.

The "Societal Transition" category focuses on innovations that contribute to improving the company's social or societal values, more responsible actions, and the quality of relations within and with teams, customers or partners. Greez was singled out in this category for its innovative solution to combat the wasteful use of unsold cosmetics by giving them a second life (donations to non-profit networks, recycling, resale to consumers at reduced prices on a dedicated online store). This global approach to reuse echoes the needs of the underprivileged, since 3 million people in France go without basic hygiene products.

In the "Environmental Transition" category, which rewards major innovations dedicated to the environment (waste management, recycling, eco-design, water management, circular economy, flow management, etc.), BR Conditionnement was rewarded for Niugreen, its new innovative and industrial cleaning platform with high environmental value for the reuse of glass bottles. The use of bio-CO2 for bottle washing and label removal reduces the company's carbon footprint by over 50 % of CO2, compared with the traditional glass recycling process. Invisible ultraviolet ink marking also ensures individualized traceability and protection against counterfeiting.

The jury's "Coup de Coeur" was awarded to Futura Gaia (in the "Environmental Transition" category) for Geocosm, a resilient solution for the traceability and security of plant raw materials. This innovative vertical farm system based on rotating geoponics meets the challenge of sustainable, local, resilient and pesticide-free agriculture for the production of high-quality plant raw materials for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. This solution also makes it possible to reproduce the growing conditions of rare plants.

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