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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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Phytodia relaunches the L'Esperluète brand

Following the acquisition of the Atelier de Savons et Cosmétiques Artisanaux (A.S.C.A), the specialist in organic plants and cosmetics, Phytodia (67), relaunches the cosmetics brand Bio L'Esperluète. Composed of 24 products – 8 solid soaps, 4 lip balms, 9 facial treatments and 3 body treatments -, L'Esperluète is for the whole family and is perfect for pregnant women and babies. Handcrafted in Alsace, all the brand's products are certified Cosmos by Ecocert, a guarantee of quality that particularly appeals to Green Mums. The ampersand is distributed in about 250 points of sale in France and on its website.

Transparent & responsible cosmetics

Cosmos certified, Phytodia uses responsible and ecological production processes. Indeed, rather than looking for plants on the other side of the planet, the laboratory makes maximum use of local plants offered by the Alsatian and Vosges flora and works as much as possible in short circuits with local or French producers in order to limit its carbon footprint.

The raw materials used to make L'Esperluète products are rigorously selected for their quality, sensoriality, active ingredients and environmentally friendly production methods. For organic hemp, sunflower, squash, hazelnut and camelina oils used in L'Esperluète skincare products, Phytodia works with local producers. For apple, organic plum, organic sea buckthorn, borage, evening primrose or certain specific essential oils, the laboratory sources from the rest of the France. And when the ingredients cannot be French, they are sourced from suppliers with a societal approach: Fair for Life certified ingredients, work with communities of small producers or promoting women's financial independence.

Artisanal cosmetics & made in France

L'Ampersand solid soaps are made entirely by hand with 100% natural ingredients and designed through a cold saponification process, an ancestral manufacturing method. Energy-efficient, this process makes it possible to preserve the quality of the vegetable raw materials used, in order to offer high quality soaps. Thus, their glycerin content (naturally produced during saponification) and their superfat contribute to a good hydration of the skin.   In order to limit overpackaging, L'Esperluète has reviewed all of its packaging to adopt a simple graphic design, without superfluous. The name of the products becomes minimalist and is inspired by chemical elements by limiting themselves to two letters or two numbers. The new design evokes the periodic table of elements and its classification. Ecocert Greenlife certified according to the Cosmos standard, all packaging of L'Esperluète products is eco-responsible. The solid soaps are presented in cardboard cases made in the Doubs with Made in Italy paper and are fully recyclable. Aluminium packaging has been phased out in favour of glass bottles, caps and jars made in Europe. Lip balm tubes are made entirely of recycled cardboard. Finally, cosmetic labels are made in France.

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