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Coptis launches AI R&D program to predict formula stability

For 23 years, Coptis has been at the forefront of software solutions for cosmetic laboratories. Coptis Lab, the company's flagship product, is a PLM software for formula development and global regulatory compliance. Performing stability testing is a mandatory step in formula development. This multi-step process and repetitive task is arduous but can be improved with technology.

In a collaborative effort, Coptis is introducing its artificial intelligence R&D program integrated with Coptis Lab PLM software. If successful, the artificial intelligence function will be able to predict the stability of a formula before testing it.

From a large number and variety of observations, AI can learn and identify patterns to generate accurate predictions. The accuracy of Al's predictions increases with the amount of data available. With 22 years of digital experience, an extensive network of Coptis users worldwide, and a deep understanding of our customers' needs, Coptis is the leading cosmetic software company with the potential to succeed with the most accuracy. The Coptis Lab software learning database is growing as more formulas and stability test results are added.

Its customers are at the heart of the innovation cycle and AI technology will transform their work by enabling them to respond effectively to industry trends.

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