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WiSeed supports Pumpart in its new fundraising

WiSeed, a leading digital investment platform, is launching a fundraising campaign to benefit Pumpart, a start-up from Paris that has developed an alternative to the usual packaging of everyday products, thanks to its Tubairless technology.

The climate emergency is at the heart of the concerns of the French, while more than 30 billion plastic tubes are consumed each year in the world. These tubes do not provide sufficient protection for the increasingly natural creams and are difficult to recycle because of the cream residue. It is estimated that up to 25 % of the products contained in these packages are wasted and remain stuck in them.

With this in mind, the Parisian start-up Pumpart has developed an innovative, ecological and economical technology, constituting a real alternative to traditional packaging for everyday products. The patented Tubairless solution reduces product waste, prolongs the freshness of creams, reduces plastic materials, while facilitating the recycling of bottles, and finally, offers a price 25 % cheaper than airless bottles.

This patented technology consists of integrating a flexible pouch into a tube and creating a pressure zone on one side of the tube. The pouch contains the product and retracts as the consumer presses on this area which acts as a pump. The pouch acts like a piston that pushes the cream with each press, until the last dose, so that not a single drop of product is wasted.

This solution adapts to most of the products already available on the market, and has already won over more than 100 cosmetic brands, including a world leader such as Bioderma. Pumpart realizes 30% of its sales in export, in Europe and in the United States.

Awarded several times, and notably in 2018 with the prestigious Global Packaging Innovation Awards Diamond Finalist ,Pumpart aims to raise €500,000 in convertible bonds. The funds raised will be invested in growth drivers, and will be used to integrate its new, latest-generation production line, to carry out the development of ever more eco-responsible configurations, particularly cardboard-based, and to strengthen its team through sales and engineering recruitment. 

The only minimum of the project realization of 300 000 € has already been reached in one month. 

Xavier Sutty, President of Pumpart comments: "Faced with the need to accelerate our investment plan to meet the demands of our clients, we sought a quick and alternative financing solution by turning to Wiseed, whose community supports positive impact companies." 

Jean-Marc Clerc, CEO of WiSeed Transitions states: "Our participatory financing platform is historically committed to serving start-up companies.up and SMEs that innovate in the field of green growth. Pumpart is a pioneering company whose unique technology meets a strong demand and which has demonstrated the relevance of its business model with a full order book. We are very confident in its ability to achieve its objectives and proud to support a company with a positive impact on the planet.

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