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Cosmed, accelerating the internationalization of SMEs in the cosmetics industry.

The French cosmetics sector set a new export sales record in 2023, with a foreign trade balance of 8.6 billion euros, up 15 1TP6Q over the first six months of the year. Nearly two-thirds of French cosmetics production is destined for export. This performance is driven in particular by SMEs and VSEs, who can count on Cosmed's support in promoting French cosmetics for export.

Strengthening links between French cosmetics companies and ecosystems in growth markets

Cosmed was invited by The Office of SMEs Promotion (Osmep) and the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (Tistr), the two governmental organizations in charge of supporting Thai SMEs, to strengthen cooperation with France and in particular :

  • Develop partnerships to enhance the value of natural plant-based materials,
  • Contribute to the competitiveness of companies by sharing Cosmed's regulatory expertise.

The Malagasy government calls on Cosmed 

Structuring high-quality, sustainable, high-performance supply chains is a priority for the Madagascan government, to meet the demands of the international market for plant materials for cosmetic use and ensure the competitiveness of local production.

Since 2022, Cosmed has been helping the country to structure its natural plant raw materials industry for cosmetic use, and will be a privileged partner of the 2nd edition of the Innovative Natural Ingredients Madagascar (iniM) trade show and conference, to be held from November 28 to 30, 2023 in Antananarivo.

Cosmed also maintains partnerships with trade associations such as the IBA (USA) and CTFAS RRI (Singapore) to reinforce the mutual provision of services for exporting companies.

Co-management of Filière VIEs to promote French companies abroad

As part of the French government's stimulus package, we have strengthened the VIE (volontariat international en entreprise) scheme. The cosmetics industry, considered to be a "showcase" of French excellence, benefits from two VIE programs. Cosmed is in charge of a VIE for Asean, an area of 10 South-East Asian countries where the cosmetics market is worth 21 billion euros, and aims to grow by 30 % over the next two years. The mission of the VIE Asean is to raise the profile of the French cosmetics industry in this zone, and to provide manufacturers with the data they need to better understand this market and facilitate cosmetics exports.

Promoting French cosmetics at international trade fairs

After a successful first edition, Cosmed's "French Cosmetics" area will be back in three weeks' time at the Beautyworld Middle East trade show in Dubai: 15 companies will be supported on 150 m² of exhibition space.

New for 2024: Cosmed will carry the French pavilion at Beauty Istanbul from October 2 to 4, 2024. Some 150 m² of Business France-labeled exhibition space will be available for French companies. With 13,700 visitors from 62 countries and 845 exhibitors, this trade show offers opportunities from Eastern Europe to Central Asia and the Balkans.

Participation in international regulatory projects

Cosmed sits on the European Commission's cosmetics regulatory bodies, as well as on national and international standardization bodies. Its regulatory and scientific contributions and positions are internationally recognized.

Backed by this expertise, Cosmed contributes to regulatory projects, notably in growth markets such as the United States (FDA workshop on GMP or Safety Gate), Canada (labeling regulations) or New Zealand (Pfas regulations), etc.

Cosmetics regulatory support in 120 countries

Cosmetic exporters can rely on Cosmed's regulatory watch, which covers 120 countries. The database, available 24 hours a day, contains all applicable texts, substance tables, reports, summaries, etc. (1,500 updated sheets). An improved version of the consultation platform has been on line since the start of the school year. Among all the new features, a new area, accessible from the home page, will enable you to view information more quickly on current "hot" topics or reminders of regulatory deadlines around the world.

Issuing over-the-counter certificates for cosmetic products

The "certificat de vente libre" (CVL) is a document required by the authorities of some sixty countries as a condition for importing finished cosmetic products into their markets. It certifies that the cosmetic products mentioned comply with European regulation 1223/2009, and can therefore be marketed in France and the European Union. Cosmed issues CVLs online at

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