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Cosmetic 360 Awards 2023: the winners have been announced

On the occasion of the 9th edition of the Cosmetic 360 international trade show, held in Paris on October 18 and 19, 2023, a jury of journalists from the French and international trade press met to select the most outstanding innovations from over 250 exhibitors. Seven prizes were awarded.

Bioweg is the winner in the "Raw Materials" category, for its functional ingredients obtained by fermenting cellulose to replace solid microplastics and acrylic polymers.

Technature was honored in the "Formulation and Manufacturing" category. Minimalist, sturdy and easy to carry, its heating and cleansing care in solid stick form transforms into a milky emulsion when rinsed off.

SGS Proderm won an award in the "Tests & Analysis" category for a new skin imaging technique to assess the action of anti-aging products on collagen.

DWS Engraving is the winner in the "Packaging & packing" category for its full-color laser engraving solution on leather.

Diva Flora received an award in the "Brand & Distribution" category. Diva Flora is a skincare brand based on hemp derivatives, with a multi-level eco-design approach.

SFE Process was honored in the "Services for the cosmetics industry" category. The company offers equipment for carbodistillation and obtaining essential oils using supercritical CO2.

Intact Regenerative was awarded the special "Coup de cœur cleantech" prize. This Loiret-based start-up is working on the introduction of leguminous crops (plant proteins) in crop rotation in the Beauce plains near Orléans. These crops enrich the soil by naturally adding nitrogen, thus avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers, which damage soil biodiversity and are the main source of greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. This approach also reduces the need for tillage. Soil structure influences water retention capacity: healthy soils are more resilient to climate change. These legumes are processed by low-carbon fermentation, which emits three times less CO2 than conventional processes. This produces 25 % of vegan plant proteins for human consumption and 65 % of neutral alcohol for use in perfumery.

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