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Plutonium from Collection35, finalist of Beautyworld Middle East 2021

The avant-garde brand collection35 faces a new challenge with the fragrance Plutonium by young designer Chana Cynamon. Winner of the Marine 2018 edition, this fragrance is now a Beautyworld Middle East 2021 finalist in the niche fragrance category. Results will be announced on October 5.

An avant-garde brand, revealing the talents of tomorrow

Collection35 is a perfume brand with a singular history. It was born out of the international Corpo 35 Perfume Awards competition, whose aim was to democratize the culture of perfume creation among the general public. Each edition aims to reveal young international perfumers (students, apprentice perfumers, experts or self-taught enthusiasts...), on a proposed theme.

Cécile Vialla, creator of the Berry perfume house, created the Corpo35 Perfume awards and collection35 competition in 2015. Collection35 is thus an olfactory art gallery that launches the rising stars of contemporary perfumery by bottling their first creations.

One theme, five winners, five interpretations

The 35 finalists are offered creation tools such as access to the Isipca laboratory and EcoMundo's regulatory support software, as well as quality raw materials provided by prestigious sponsors. The Marine edition, from which Plutonium emerged, was sponsored by Robertet, the historic house from Grasse, committed to local raw materials since 1850.

In the run-up to the 2019 Rouen Armada, candidates in the 2018 edition were invited to "reinvent the Navy". A classic perfumery scheme, marine notes bring as much freshness as they evoke adventure and freedom. An immense source of inspiration for young perfumers.

Chana Cynamon Prix de l'Audace, a disruptive fragrance 

Inspired by the adventurers of the French Navy, who set off for several years at sea on huge ships to discover unknown lands, Plutonium won the fifth prize of the 2018 edition as well as the Audacity prize. 

Yesterday's adventurers inspired Chana Cynamon. She has imagined the great adventure of tomorrow: the conquest of space. Plutonium opens with an explosion of menthol, like the supersonic wake of a rocket in icy space. The metal spaceship lands on an unknown planet, releasing an aromatic, humid trail that promises a land of life. This is followed by a musky, milky, abstract trail that finally envelops the senses. A presence appears, a skin warmed by a sun different from our own.

An exceptional perfumer

Chana Cynamon, creator of Plutonium, is a perfumer who likes to break with codes and challenge them. Playing with overdoses, novel raw materials and short formulas, her aim is to provoke sensory shocks and heighten emotions. A disruptive spirit cultivated by her curiosity, her openness to the world and her taste for all forms of creativity.

A brand committed to creation and its values

The olfactory art gallery collection35 promotes a perfumery that is both atypical and multicultural. Its aim is to promote perfume culture and industry know-how in France and abroad.

collection35 undertakes social and solidarity-based manufacturing. It supports inclusive growth by working with partners committed to supporting the most vulnerable.

collection35 promotes and democratizes the culture of perfume to the general public in an ethical and responsible way.

The fragrances are all of guaranteed French origin, thanks to partners mainly from Normandy who have worked alongside Cécile Vialla since the beginning of the adventure. 

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