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Strand Cosmetics Europe and Marvinpac cosmetics activities merge to become MS Beautilab

The only player to offer full-service beauty solutions made in France and made in Switzerland aims to capture the hearts of French, Swiss and international brands, through its strategy of product innovation, concepts and technologies, in keeping with an eco-responsible approach. Effective January 1, 2020, the merger aims to achieve consolidated sales of 100 million euros by 2024. The group employs over 250 people in Europe (France, Switzerland, Czech Republic), the USA and China.

An organization dedicated to innovation and performance

Two specialized Business Units, MS Advanced Skincare Solutions and Strand High Tech Color Cosmetics, focusing on skincare and make-up respectively. MS Beautilab's management and support functions ensure synergies and fluidity between the 3 industrial sites, the global supply chain, and the group's financial and administrative consolidation.
The aim of the two Business Units is to specialize the teams, bringing greater focus, creativity, innovation and responsiveness to the demands of time to maketand performance of the Group's customers.
Each Business Unit is structured around 4 departments - Project, Product Marketing, Sales, R&D - to ensure in-depth analysis of the target market and its trends, agile internal and external collaboration, and relevant, personalized recommendations.
Production, packaging and logistics operations are carried out at the Group's French, Swiss and Czech industrial sites, all 3 of which comply with international regulations. The Chinese entity, dedicated to sourcing, will also be able to support primary and secondary packaging projects for Full Service offers.

Naturalness, sensoriality and enhanced effectiveness

Anchored in the group's DNA and in line with the strong expression of market expectations, MS Beautilab offers effective and technical formulas that meet the different expectations of the market: natural, cosmos, performance, vegan, clean, etc.
The R&D process is based on continuous, cutting-edge innovation, as exemplified by Maestra Tech', technologies that improve the properties of raw materials and active ingredients, in order to offer cosmetic solutions with enhanced efficacy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The product range adopts the codes and values of responsible consumption, fostering a lasting relationship of trust with the brands. Respect for the environment is also reflected in the analysis of product life cycles. Validated Sedex/Smeta audit procedures and Ecovadis reports attest to the authenticity of the Group's approach.
It is accompanied by the daily implementation of best practices within and outside MS Beautilab Group entities: selection and certification of suppliers of eco-responsible raw materials, adaptation of internal working conditions and external vigilance (e.g. suppliers), control and reduction of energy consumption and its environmental impact, green energy, water saving, reduction of carbon footprint, waste management and controlled recycling channels, reduction of noise pollution, cooperation with local adapted companies (e.g. packaging), support for local initiatives.


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