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Saturday, November 26, 2022
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From flower to perfumes... and aromas: know-how and innovation

After the success of the first three editions since 2015 with nearly 150 delegates on average, the congress "From flower to perfumes" will innovate in 2021 by including aromas and its many similarities. Organized by the Innov'Alliance Competitiveness Cluster, it is positioned as the first congress on know-how, creativity and innovation in perfumery.

The central theme of this fourth edition will be the know-how related to perfume and their indispensable innovations, necessary to maintain at the highest level the emblematic technical capital.

The perfumery and aroma industry will be addressed in all its transversality and applications, from the sustainable agriculture of the perfume plant and its transformation to the placing on the market of flavored and scented products.

Indeed, the recognition of UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage of humanity of the know-how related to perfume in the Pays de Grasse – the cultivation of the perfume plant, the knowledge of natural raw materials and their transformation, the art of composing perfume – is based on continuous capacities for innovation and adaptation to industrial and regulatory changes.

This fourth edition "From the flower to perfumes .....and aromas" thus proposes to take stock of the vast set of multidisciplinary skills mobilized in the development of a perfume composition and a food aroma.

Experts and industrial leaders (Givaudan, Firmenich, IFF, Mane, Robertet...) and academic researchers will draw up an overview of innovation, around these know-how from nature, soils, plant physiology and agricultural practices, extraction processes, to the creation and development of perfume compositions, food flavors involving neuroscience.

The day will be closed by a debate during which the place of these emblematic know-how in the perfumery of tomorrow will be discussed. Could not know-how be the guarantors of creativity to the detriment of the standardization of products and juices?

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