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Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Camellia oil make-up remover

Bernard Cassière has imagined a new range of make-up removers imagined. Inclusive by nature, the brand of the institute's world has indeed insisted that its 6 sensory formulas can meet the expectations of everyone, regardless of their skin type. Also, even the most delicate epidermis will be able to use these treatments (all tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control on a 100% sensitive skin panel) achieving the balance between formula with a high content of ingredients of natural origin and effectiveness to rid the face of makeup and impurities accumulated throughout the day.

More than simple make-up removers, they are also real pre-care, each relying on the power of camellia extract, obtained from the leaves and flowers of Camellia japonica. This active ingredient is distinguished by its richness in phenolic compounds, oligo and polysaccharides, amino acids and proteins that give this flower a restorative, antioxidant, soothing or astringent power. If the simple fact of carrying out a daily make-up removal in due form is de facto one of the essential keys to find a pretty skin, this is even more true when said cleaning is carried out with these treatments offering soft galenics and active formulas. Balm, oil, milk or even micellar water, the variety of textures will surely find the one that will bring the most pleasure to the application.

Focus on the oil

For a long time, combination skin with a greasy tendency has overlooked the cleansing oil, believing that its texture would only make their skin balance even more difficult to control. This galenic is on the contrary ideal to remove impurities and excesses of sebum while leaving the skin soft and comfortable, without tightness. It is in any case the performance signed by this new oil that proves surprisingly fluid and easy to rinse. Ideal for rapid make-up removal of the face and eyes, its effectiveness has been tested on sensitive skin to which it is perfectly suitable. It contains 90% of ingredients of natural origin and combines Camellia extract from Japan and balancing Jojoba oil. To take full advantage of its benefits, we simply heat the oil in the palms of the hands before massaging by circular movements and on dry skin, while delicacy of course not to "wrinkle" the skin tissues. It is then added a little water to make a final transformation oil into milk before rinsing with warm water.

In use, successive operations take place in a very pleasant way and leave a clean and silky skin. A success!


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