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Monday February 6th, 2023
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Responsible eco-fees

L'Oréal received a PCD award for its 3D Pouch Elvive Color produced by Arcade Beauty. the global specialist in sample and single-dose solutions for perfume and beauty supports the group in the strategic optimization of its refills, to limit single-use packaging and the reduction of plastic.

Elsive Color Vive Protective refill from Elsève in mono PE is recyclable, and saves 75% of the material compared to two 250 ml shampoo bottles.

The latest launch to date, Arcade Beauty manufactures a 500 ml eco-refill for Kerastase professional hair products in six references. This time it promises a saving of 82% of plastic.

Manufactured and packaged by Arcade Beauty

Arcade Beauty ensured the production of the six references as well as the packaging of the products on one of its European sites.

After Elsève, Garnier and dermocosmetic brands such as LRP, L'Oréal confirms its expectations, this time on professional care.

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