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DIAM creates the 100 % eco-responsible perfume fountain for the House of Mugler

In 1992, DIAM created the first generation of Mugler springs. Thirty years later, the House of Mugler wanted a singular creation for its fourth generation, breaking with the past. To achieve this, it involved DIAM's design teams right from the start. The result is a remarkable object designed for point-of-sale refills of the three emblematic perfumes Aura, Alien and Angel.
For this adventure around the Mugler spring, the challenge was to combine aesthetic, technical and eco-responsible values.
Suspended around a stainless steel mast, this new Fountain was conceived as a design object, compact enough to occupy a strategic point-of-sale position. Designed as a design object in its own right around the concept of the drop, it is the fruit of close collaboration between Mugler's creative teams and those of DIAM.

A functional and aesthetic creation

Available in reversible pedestal or countertop versions, the Mugler source provides a "just right" filling method.

When eco-design rhymes with emotion

"For this new Fountain, we carried out a comprehensive eco-design project, reducing the thickness of materials, for example, and promoting the separability of parts (assembled exclusively by screws, with no glue)," explains Bruno Blin, DIAM's Sales Director. The whole unit has been given an anti-corrosion surface treatment, both inside and out, to guarantee perfect resistance to the juice, and therefore real durability at the point of sale.
"We're proud to have been able to co-create and combine our skills with those of the Mugler teams," explains Pascal Saillant, Creative Director at DIAM.
"This object has become symbolic for us all. Inspired by the world of Ross Lovegrove, the chrome suggests a space station to which the bottle is attached. An airy, feminine shape... a sensual drop in line with the Mugler universe."

Soon, major retailers such as Sephora and Marionnaud will welcome the new-generation fountain, which has also been nominated for the Popai Awards 2019.


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