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Firmenich Launches First Fine Fragrance Workshop in Latin America

Perfumers, customers and key influencers take part in the opening
of this new place dedicated to the culture of perfumery in Brazil. Firmenich, the world's largest privately-owned fragrance and flavor company, has opened the first Atelier Fine Fragrance in Latin America. Located on the rooftops of Sao Paulo, the contemporary atelier offers customers an exclusive and innovative space dedicated to the culture, creativity and inspiration of perfumery.
"We opened our offices in Brazil 70 years ago, and now we're proud to be able to offer our Brazilian customers a new, one-of-a-kind venue dedicated to the culture of perfumery. Our Atelier Fine Fragrance will enable us to better collaborate and co-create with our customers," announces Armand de Villoutreys, President, Perfumery and Ingredients.
"Atelier Fine Fragrance in Brazil marks a new chapter in Firmenich's history. We now have a dedicated perfumery space in the heart of Villa Madalena in São Paulo, a modern and inspiring environment to share experiences, foster innovative partnerships, and build the future of perfumery hand in hand with our customers," explains Jerry Vittoria, President, Fine Fragrance Worldwide.
Armand de Villoutreys, President, Fragrances and Ingredients, and Jerry Vittoria, President, Fine Fragrance Worldwide, attended the opening of the workshop; alongside world-renowned perfumers Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp and Principal Perfumer Frank Voelkl, as well as local perfume stars Principal Perfumer Adilson Rato and Senior Perfumer Carmita Magalhães. Among the guests, Firmenich welcomed key customers and influencers in Brazil.
"When I'm in Brazil, I'm deeply inspired both by its people and by nature. Brazil is not only a huge market for fine fragrances, it's also a huge source of inspiration. Brazil has a unique identity and olfactory signature. It's the land of emotion, diversity, color, sustainable responsibility and positive luxury," says Olivier Cresp, Master Perfumer.
"It's exciting for me to work in such an inspiring environment at the heart of Brazilian creativity. It will create a new and disruptive dynamic for our long-term partnership with our valued Brazilian fine fragrance customers," adds Frank Voelkl, Principal Perfumer.

The launch was the occasion for a complete sensory experience, a "Carte Blanche Brasilis" exhibition, celebrating the art of perfumery and offering a genuine encounter with the know-how and creativity of perfumers.
"Carte Blanche Brasilis offered a blank canvas for perfumers to express their emotion, vision and intuition of the Brazilian soul in the world of fragrance," explains Marc Jourdan-Gassin, Vice President Fine Fragrance, Brazil.

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