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Friday, July 1, 2022
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Firmenich launches Scentmate: an AI platform for independent brands


Firmenich, a global fragrance and aroma company, presents Scentmate, the first platform with artificial intelligence that optimizes and simplifies co-creation to offer successful fragrance compositions to entrepreneurs and independent brands. Serving a particularly dynamic market, Scentmate provides instant access to unique scents, making perfumers and experts available to its customers throughout the process.

"As creators of positive emotions and at the forefront of innovation for more than 125 years, our mission is to bring quality fragrances to every consumer," says Ilaria Resta, President of Firmenich's Perfumery Division. Today, we are very excited to launch the first innovative fragrance creation solution, custom designed for entrepreneurs and independent brands. We went from designing to executing the project in less than a year, while benefiting from Firmenich's best assets, including more than 50 years of collecting data on perfumes, to revolutionize the way we smell. »

Scentmate reinvents the traditional method of creating perfumes to offer free access to creativity, expertise and resources. The simplified and digitized process of the brief allows customers to define all the necessary parameters. Scentmate then recommends the best perfume creations, made by perfumers, reducing to a few minutes a process that previously took several weeks.

Alfonso Alvarez-Prieto, Managing Director of Scentmate, adds: "Scentmate allows customers to combine their creative ideas with the ideal fragrance. We offer an intuitive and easy-to-use digital platform that, combined with human sensitivity, makes it easy to co-create the best fragrance to gain consumer favor, while significantly optimizing market entry. Behind this platform are the most recognized perfumers, one of the largest databases related to perfumes, information on consumers around the world and a young and dynamic team entirely dedicated to this mission. »

In addition, Scentmate simplifies order processing to allow customers to optimize their supply chain: sample requests, orders and payments are made online, and quantities are adjustable. Samples arrive within 48 hours and orders are processed in less than five days. Scentmate also offers advice on compliance and regulations, tailored to product categories and geographic areas.

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