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Chanel's N°5 relies on recycled glass with the Pochet group

N°5 by Chanel is constantly reinventing itself. In 1921, Gabrielle Chanel overturned the codes of perfumery by choosing a bottle stripped of all ornamentation. In 2021, to celebrate 100 years of fame, N°5 will incorporate recycled glass.

Teams from Chanel and Pochet du Courval have pooled their know-how to rethink glassmaking as part of a joint approach to sustainable development.

"Our aim was to develop a top-of-the-range recycled glass that would meet Chanel's high standards of excellence and creativity.explains Maison Pochet.

The stated objectives are to encourage the circular economy, reduce the use of natural resources and cut carbon footprint, while preserving the aesthetics of the legendary fragrance, with its purity, crystal-like brilliance and transparency.

High-quality glass

Different types of glass are used for different purposes. Recycling can alter the quality of transparent, shiny perfumery glass. Pochet du Courval has therefore developed an innovative industrial process with its partners to guarantee high-quality recycled glass. "In keeping with Chanel's high standards, every detail has been carefully considered: the tint, transparency, purity and brilliance of this glass, as well as its resistance, have been rigorously assessed", says Chanel.

N°5 Eau de Parfum limited edition 100 ml is the first fragrance to benefit from this innovation, which will be gradually rolled out to other Chanel fragrances from 2022. 

"On average, for every 1 million bottles produced with Seva 3* new-generation recycled glass, we save more than 25 tonnes of virgin raw materials.emphasizes Maison Pochet.

*Seva 3: for "Eco-responsible solution, vision of the future", a solution developed by the Pochet group. in 2021, following an initial initiative called Seva.

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