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For a sustainable future: Naturex shares lessons learned from its Pathfinder program

How can we meet today's needs without compromising the future of generations to come? Naturex publishes its annual report PathfinderThis report outlines the Group's efforts in the area of sustainable development. The report describes how the Group combines environmental responsibility, the development of economically viable models and attention to human well-being. Based on four pillars - procurement, operations, people and innovation - the report Pathfinder explores new paths to a responsible future, without applying any pre-established model.

Supporting agricultural efforts, one sector at a time

As a leader in the natural plant ingredients industry, Naturex places responsible sourcing at the heart of its program. Pathfinder. In this area, the Group has achieved promising results on the environmental, economic and social fronts. By signing annual contracts with its partner producers, Naturex plays a key role in the development of good agricultural practices among its suppliers. Naturex agronomists keep a close eye on crop development throughout the year, providing advice and guidance on how best to manage harvest quality. "It's a win-win situation for both Naturex and its suppliers: we get better-quality raw materials, and producers benefit economically and professionally, while minimizing environmental impact," says Serge Sabrier, Chairman of the Sustainable Development Committee and Purchasing Director at Naturex.

Safety first

A company's strength lies above all in its employees. That's why Naturex makes it a point of honor to improve its teams' involvement in safety matters. The group has developed several initiatives on this subject this year, and in particular launched its first global safety days in autumn 2015. Held simultaneously at 32 sites in 22 countries, the aim of these days was to raise safety awareness among teams, offering them educational and fun activities. Providing its employees with the tools they need to take responsibility for their own safety and that of others is essential for Naturex.

Supporting local communities

The final section of the report highlights the work of the Naturex Foundation. For the group, it is fundamental to help local communities develop viable and sustainable economic circuits through education, health and environmental preservation. With this in mind, the Naturex Foundation is currently funding 11 projects around the world, as close as possible to its sourcing and production activities. One of the most recent projects was launched close to the Naturex factory in India, and aims to provide educational support and help with social integration for 500 children through sport and education.

The report is download here.

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